Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Life- Simplified for 2009 & beyond

I know, by this time of this year, loads of people will be asking, what the heck, where has all the time gone? It's another New Year's Eve again!

As usual, ever since I left the employment world more than 5 years ago, my yearly routine would be to reflect (gasp! gasp! gasp!), review, and plan for the next year.

But, I never do New Year Resolutions, it's always a joke & a slap to me coz I treat them as carelessly as I wrote them down.

More often than not, I always do my planning in Jan, coz I always work right up till end of the year.

But since this year, I now disgust myself by being a slug bum since early Dec 08, my 2009 plan was done on 29th Dec 2008.

It was easy enough as my focus is only on business planning and direction.

I find that with practise, with reading habit, attending selected seminars has helped my thinking process tremendously.

This year, back in my hometown Penang since 24th, I managed to selfishly hogged a few quiet hours to be by myself. I must admit, I'm getting a bit flustered at how fast the year is catching up, and I need to calm my crazy mind down!

A cluttered mind has no clear direction nor great ideas. The clarity you can get when you quiet down your mind is great! So, always allow yourself time to quiet down and think.

Foggy vision only lands you in a ditch.
However, vision without definite action plan is equally suicidal!

I find that if you ask yourself the right questions, you will have answers to a lot of things.
More often than not, we jammed ourselves into a corner, fretting & fussing.
Or worst, trapped in a vicious cycle of indecisiveness, grudge, arguements...simply because our mind is fogged up!

So, I always start with the big picture before zooming into details.

And it's VERY EASY to do this, just ask yourself questions. It works for, I dare say, almost anything. Your business, your career, your relationships, your health...

Be as elaborate as you can, let your mind wander, brainstorm, just write down anything, DON'T SELF CENSOR your thoughts at this point!! This is a time for you (yes, you thick headed skull you) to listen to your HEART. For it always tells you the right thing, though our adult life tries to rationalized otherwise.

It's not hocus pocus, but if you give yourself a chance to be true to yourself, you will agree that it pays to listen, and it is very powerful what you can get out of it.

Ready to quiet down? Here it goes, ask yourself:

What do I want? (in your biz, in your career, in your family, etc)

What do I don't want? Though I find it's more pleasing to focus on what do u want rather than don't.

How do I get what I want?

What can I do now?

Where is the balance between (eg: income) and (eg: dreams)?

When do I want to achieve what I want?

Fill in your own questions...

Just remember to let your mind flow, be really elaborate, write it down, write it down.

Wishing you a rich yet simple life, and a beautiful 2009.

Happy new year to you!


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Devoted to pink

Isn't this the happiest shoe ever?
Even Princess Pink Poodle Pea agrees!
Ok...obviously I'm in one of those giggly, gimme anything pink, glittery, furry mood again.
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ask questions, for questions are answers

Just had an intense debate with a 'good intention' friend of mine.

This is one serious topic of -Do what you enjoy to do.

Let me elaborate-

I'm saying, many are living years of their life doing something that they don't really believe in, or they don't really like, it's not something they view with excitement.
And they said, of course, who likes to work?

Now, that very statement is a danger sign in itself, for if you love what you do, it'll never be work to you.

But she protested, well true, many people can't do what they like, it's normal. But you can work at SOMETHING YOU DON'T REALLY LIKE (be true to yourself when you ask), earn the seed money, then go and do something you really like, she shared.

I'm like, I don't want to die and die doing something I don't feel passionate about.

I'm not a charity crazy girl, or have a rich background, so I KNOW the importance of money in our modern life. And I'm not crazy enough to go off and do something that I like, but it doesn't generate any good money!! No!

But I've tried the rationalizing to myself for years doing a biz that I kinda like, sort of, but I'm not crazy about...yeah. Rationalizing to myself that this brings potential good money, then I can bugger off to chase after my passion.
So, I ended up chasing money first. Putting $ first before my heart's desire.
Where did it get me?
Money are like butterflies, the more you chase them with a net, the more they run away.

The SCARY thing is, it seems to be the norm for the middle class masses, which is the category I'm in, to think that it's a dreamer's job to go after passion. Hey, no money no talk lar, money first. Be realistic! Nobody gets to follow their heart.

Look at almost all billionnaires, millionnaires, do you think they get to where they are by doing not what is true to their heart?
Do you think without PASSION, they can even get to base 1 of where they are now?
Without passion, do you think they want to work their ass off, harder but smarter than any middle class people work??

My apologies, I'm sorry for 'classifying' people, but as i say, at my networth, I belong to that category. But one thing for sure, my attitude and mindset are not.

I got to the clarity of thought that I have now by asking myself questions. I have to drag myself out of my denial and ask lots of questions. Seeking for answers.
Questions that I dare not asked myself, and heaven forbid, even answer. Coz deep down, I knew the answer. But, I rationalized myself to accepting my career choice.

Do you know why many people are unhappy? It's because they are not true to themselves.
If you can't even answer to your heart, will you be truly happy?

So, in this context, ask yourself these million dollar questions. Bear in mind, it's easy questions, but it's very tough coz we are conditioned to surpress our inner voice.
Give yourself a quiet time, and ask:

1. PASSION- do you enjoy what you do? (I'll bet my whole networth that loads of people will already fail at this question)

2. PROFFESIONALISM- R u good at what you do?

3. PROFITABILITY- Will people pay you for what you want to do? (See. I told you I'm not crazy, you do have to take the profit into the equation. But the order is passion first.
The business set up that fails always have a common trait- when you ask them why you want to do business? To make money lor! Wrong!)

4. PROCESSES- Are there any system for what you do? (have you set any system for it? A repeatable process)

5 PURPOSE- Do you know why you do what you do?

If you can truthfully answer the above with a tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. Congratulations! You have an optimal career/ business.
If not, then may you wonder why are you not doing as well as you wanna be?

I like this simple statement, it really works for me when life sucks, things sucks. Instead of complaining, which doesn't help, it only makes you feel worst after you complain. Remember this :

Happy people ask themselves what do they want, and how they can get it.
Unhappy people complain, and look for others to blame.

Monday, December 1, 2008

What a girl wants, what a girl needs

A polished feet...

and hands...colourful, glossy, glittery nails are one of the way to a wonderful girly girl feel.
Oh yes, I lurvvve my mani & pedi sessions. Especially when they have a promotion!

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Friday, November 28, 2008


For us, for our kids, for our future generations

Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people, living for today

Imagine there's no country
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
No religion too

Imagine all the people, living life in peace

Imagine no possesions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

~ John Lennon

Detoxification of the mind

In this increasingly materialistic, shallow, cruel, cold society, I find myself having the need to have a detox of the mind. For the fear not that I'll be one of them, but fear that I shall one day be cynical & jaded.

Your worth is not determined by...

the number of pounds you weigh,

the amount of money you have,

the colour of your skin,

the branches on your family tree,

the size of the hill you can ski,

the points you can score,

or the people you know.

Your worth is determined by...

your ideals

your values

your dreams

your passions

your commitments

your thoughts

your words and

your deeds.

Your worth is determined only by the way you live you life.

~ Linda page

Saturday, November 22, 2008

In a motivational mood

Gosh...what a day!
One consultancy deal blown up in my face, put in some effort for it, but the opposite party was just not sincere in his negotiation, I'm really pissed. Not because I didn't seal the deal, but the way he negotiated. It wasn't even a negotiation to start off with.

Then I was looking forward to happy hour with my best girl, long overdue meet up due to both our busy schedule. That also, was cancelled last minute as she was called back to the office to work after she had left!! (Remind me again not to go back to employment!).

But as I always try (TRY is the word) to tell myself- how you perceive the situation is how it will be for you. So, I try (there's that damn word again) to psycho myself to think myself to winning this mind game.

I smsed my hubby, and have to reword the phrase I'm stressed, I'm down, I'm dejected, I'm depressed (after four negative attempts) to - I want to feel good.
"I want to order McD or pizza, and you go buy beer for me, as I want to feel good after the incident. "
Quite instantaneously, I felt better! Just by rewording my thoughts.

So here's my reward- a plate of hot greasy fried rice (McD, pizza, doesn't matter. I love my grease!), followed by yummy old skool strawberry cake and BEER.

And the bonus is, by being determined to MOVE ON after the rejections, I finally finished the exam materials I've been procrastinating on for the last 3 weeks!

Well, with so many things and to do's in my mind, it's not the easiest thing to do, so I made this note ( is my fav!), pin it up right in front of me on my work board, and it really really helps to pull my 'wandering spirit' down to the TASK ON HAND at the

A man fails because of his inability to f-o-c-u-s, and a man goes insane with stress because of his inability to be present and focus on the task on hand. ~ mellie

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A different kind of horizontal activity

This afternoon, my body decided to tell me, very obviously that, Hey sista? Ya know, swimming alone does not constitute a complete work out, u hear me?

I hear you alright, oh body of horizontally challenged mess.

I was inspired by a Take it Lying down exercise routine I read in a mag.
Just a few simple steps, but I was suspicious when it stated an hour is needed. But the benefits are fantabulous (that shows why you can't always believe what you read).

And today since its a rainy day and I can't swim, I shall attempt this seemingly easy peesy workout. I quietly admitted to myself, I need a bit more stretching and tummy toning exercise that my swimming routine is not giving me.
(And I need to get Phuket bikini ready in a month!)

10 repetitions, 3 sets each? Bah, no sweat to me.

The warning alarm went off at my very 1st set. Here's what my brain said to me:
"Gah, this is harder than I thought"

Next set:
"Ooomph, oommph, earaggh"

Reaching the middle of the program:
"Oh my lord! The mother f****** pain!"

Not even to the end:
"Take the mother f****** pain away! Stop! Stop!"

You guessed it, I didn't finish the whole program.

Ah well...there's always another day...and there's always my sweet, gentle on my tummy swimming.
I love you, pink swimsuit.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Strut pout

My first pair of red heels. 3 or 4 inches too.

I've forgotten how wearing a high heels feels like- sexy, alive, I am woman- hear me roar...hmm...I prefer purrr...

After almost 3 years of sensible shoes..and sensible life (read: bland), I stumbled onto this scarlet purchase.

Here's how:

I got a surprise RM30 voucher from Padini (from HSBC credit card promotion). So, naturally I went to Vincci. Though I had swear them off my sensible shoe list, especially for my work, only leather, less than 2 inches, only Clarks, Lewre, Hush Puppies will do (Eh, I can't bear parting my good money on Fly-my-money-away-gamo yet lah).

At first, I only zoomed in on flatties, yes, you guess it, sensible shoes, basic shades, easy matching...and when the shoe I chose didn't come in my size. A light went off (no, not the store light). Why do I keep buying for my work outfit and have no decent going out garb that remind me the woman I was?
After that, I went MAD over my focus in searching for my long wished but never took action to buy killer red shoes!

I shortlisted a total of 8 pairs! Yes, 8 freaking pairs, coz my freaking shoe size of 9 makes it very very difficult for me.
Finally, I spotted this new arrival which was not my 1st choice...but it did came in my size, goddamnit!

I put it on, immediately gaining 3-4 inches, putting me at 5ft 7 or 8inches, yes...nice... very nice indeed.

Wore it the next night, every step I take makes me feel like I'm on my imaginary catwalk, my posture straighten up...ya know making what's supposed to protrude, well..protrude more..

Yesterday, I find myself craving to lay my hand on my next pair of 3.5 inches heels, maybe glittery? Definitely bright colours. Definitely shiny. Definitely sexy. Now, I understand what's the obsession with the women of Sex and The City with their sky high Manolos.

Strut pout, put it out, that's what you want from women ( Strut- Sheena Easton)
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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Silly Katak Dibawah Tempurung

Thousand apologies!!!

I just realized today, that I actually had unpublished comments waiting for me since last month!!

Didn't know that I have to 'approve' the comments for it to be published, since when was this function activated?? Gah hah hah.

I'm really 'sa-kai', 'ja-kun' to this blogging thing. I know, I know, it's been around for years, but I'm a late bloomer larrr... and I would not have thought people actually read my blog except for my husband & mom (bless my family :- D )

So, sorry for taking A MONTH to reply your comments! I shall get my dear besch friend cum After Giovanni blogger to teach me how to work this blog of mine....sheesh.

Sorry ar, sorry ar, sorry ar

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Out with restaurants and business-wanna-be!

Following a very disappointing, not to mention overpriced 'Continental crap' food at Bangsar Tea For Two last night with my dear besch friend, my food (mis)fortune continues today.

As an attempt to do the date thing with hubby, we left daughter at home with babysitter aka kakak, and went out. With absolutely no aim, no destination whatsoever.
It's not intentional, but such is Kl life, where the hell to go if you r not going out to eat/drink/shop??

We remembered about a certain screening of an indie film at KL-Pac- which is free of charge, and that motivated us to give it a try.
Being the complete opposite of artsy-fartsy type (the farting my hubby can do very well though),

I brace myself and hope that I'm pleasantly surprised.
Surprised I was, but pleasant it sure wasn't. We kept giving the movie another 5 more minutes, but after 20minutes, we couldn't take anymore of this torture, and left. First time in my life, I abandoned a movie. It was that bad.

So we decided to give the Sentul Koi Centre/ Japanese Tea House at Kl Pac a try. My my, it certainly look promising. Such perfect environment to be sipping tea while reading my good ole trusty book in my handbag.

looks like a good start to a nice lovely afternoon tea, no?
As we were too full after a heavy breakfast, we ordered minimum food. Just to sample, and have a feel of their fare for our next dinner here. (Yes, the surrounding ambient is that nice, green & lovely). But the nice feeling stops there.
miserable salmon and son-of-a-gun toughest craPstick ever
The waiter is hardly enthusiastic to be serving, doing is job half heartedly. I ordered temaki to try. Salmon & Unagi.

And we were served...
Salmon and CALIFREAKINFORNIA temaki. And there were no patrons whatsoever to add to his confusion. No, just us, ordering two temaki and mineral water. Very simple order really.

I'm prepared to chow down the Cali temaki, but I just gotta inform dear mr crabby waiter that he screwed up my order.
Without a word of sorry, he wanted to change it for me, unapologetic-ally. Not a word of sorry.

The salmon was thinly sliced, faded orange, a tell-tale sign that it's been left in the freezer for way over it's lifespan. One bite into it, and sure enough, it's bland and tasteless. I think IkanKembung would taste better. The cali roll contained two tough crapstick (yes, the mispelling IS intentional). Another casualty of the freezer.

After last night's encounter at 'Uncle Ben's Western Food Hawker stall' masquerading as this glamorous restaurant serving good looking but bad tasting food, I'm really peeved at people's business attitude nowadays.

I think, if you are not serious about your business, it shows.
If you don't take pride in what you do, it shows.

If you are taking people for a ride, it shows.

If you are in business just for the sake of money, it shows.

In this economy landscape, with competition abound, globalisation, it irks me to see shitty entrepreneurs with shitty attitude running their business.

They think they can get away with it.

They think people have no choice but to spend money at their place.
Hiring shitty wait/sales staff, shitty quality merchandise/food, shitty customer management, shittier damage control... and they want to get rich from their business.

You get rich by adding VALUE and giving VALUE to other people- it's just a simple concept that many can't grasp.

I'm certainly not spending my good money on bad service, bad food, bad businesses! Get outta of here already.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Someone up there must be crazy

I tell you, God (by that, I'm not refering to any particular religious figure) must be having a field
day when he created Woman.

For WHY did he make us:

1. Suffer 9 whole months when we are pregnant
2. Go thru mother of all pain when we deliver
3. Got fat after that
4. Have to forgo favourite food to slim down after that
(The Men just have fun, don't they)

AND if we don't get pregnant...

5. Suffer EVERY month with periods- which have no fun/happiness/health/ spiritual benefits whatsover except that they are a bloody mess, make our face break out...and

CAN'T SWIM FOR A FREAKING F****** WEEK!!!! (this is really the whole point of my ranting)

This cycle automatically repeats itself (oh, if not, you are in another sort of health trouble, see, I told you he's having a field day) until you hit 50 or so.

Then, you suffer with the symptoms of menopause.

Yes, he must be having fun when he created Woman.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Brain ain't thinking

It's one of those days- where I feel like my mind is blank, I have a blank stare ahead, yet deep within, there's an itch I couldn't reach (NO! I don't hv STD, you squirrel brain!)

It's those I got so much to do and think, and worry, worry , worry, that I just felt like...ta pau-ing and just go away. Maybe back to Penang, and pig out on all those yummy foods (bless the food blogs for whetting my appetite)

It's one of those days, that I think, is this it? Is this really it? Really? Really weally eally? Really meally eally teally really it? (OK, you get the drift).

And I can't think SHIT when I'm in these moods. I can't think productive stuffs for my biz, I can't think of action plans, can't think of anything. But just sigh...getting away.

THOUGH, getting away- my rational self always tells myself- it's just temporary escapism. You'll come back to the same thing if you don't solve it, goddamn it.

So, here we go on a merry go round of emotions, should do, should not, could have, could've beens...

Just get me outta here

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Idiotic Malaysian radio ads

I wonder why a lot of Malaysian radio ads have these traits:

1. High pitched female voice (think badly dubbed Japanese cartoon)

2. They sounded alike

3. Mother & son sounds more like lovers (cue: Fitness Concept ads)

4. They ALL laugh for NO particular reason at the end of the ad.
Let's all go to ABC Company now! HA HA HA HA HAH HAH HAAAAH.....

I don't find it funny at all.

Either we have idiots as clients AND/OR idiots advertising agencies.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I've discovered a new love

Thanks to whoever that invented the mirror- about a couple of weeks back, when I look at my reflection in the mirror upon putting on my bikini, my brain tells me this: That's it, ENOUGH deceiving! You better put a stop to this nonsense, lady!

With a Urgh, plus a disgusted expression, I agreed with my brain. It's time to get down to business.

Bikini- I hereby sentence you away in my cupboard temporarily. No more delaying of buying my very 1st ONE PIECE swimsuit to start my self procrastinating swimming habit at home.

One piece criteria- it has to be moderately modest as I'll be in public scrutiny. It's different when you r away on holiday, you can be covered with mere dental floss for all you care.
It has to be kinda stylish. No fat straps, nor T-back for me.

So, I went marching to Mid Veg Royal Sporting House- and I found it. Though I had a bit of a problem trying to decide on my final two PINK Speedo choices. (a girly girl likes her pink!)
Hubby made it right for me, the other choice will make me feel uncomfortable for condo swimming. I may cause some old uncle to die of heart attack, as it's sssssssss sizzling hot!

At last, I settled on Speedo everything- from goggles to condom cap (that's what my hubby calls them!). Anyway, nothing can be as bad as looking f**, and since I intend to swim very frequently, I want to lessen the damage to my hair, so there!

Excitedly, I had my maiden swim. Now, you've gotta understand, I never learn swimming before, so my freestyle always left me panting midway of pool, and I'm always very self conscious of how idiotic I looked when I swim the strokes incorrectly.

Surprise of surprises, it must be the condom cap! God must have taken pity on me for looking like a dork, and decided to put some of my strokes right (I hope). I actually ENJOYED my swim, tremendously!

And now I constantly find myself, thinking, no, CRAVING for a swim very often! I crave for a swim when I woke up, and see sunny skies, I crave for a swim in the middle of meeting, I crave for a swim whenever I have yet another tiff with hubby dearest.

It seems to be my escape! I felt liberated, in control, calm when I do my laps. Yes, I do laps now!! Another secret, I never really swam proper before! It was a lap or two, then at the poolside, flapping around.

Writing this makes me wanna go swim now, even. Don't mind if it's twice in a day!
Now...wouldn't this kind of craving be HELPFUL for craving of another 'horizontal activity'...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

What marriage is NOT about

Many movies likes to show big happy ending of a couple finally tying the knot, big smiling faces, the warmth, the celebration of two people uniting. And you leave the cinema feeling, ahhh......they are together at last, happily ever after, The End.

As a sequel to that movie, the plot should be moving towards that very couple, arguing about money, having sleepless nights over baby, trying to find balance amongst all while trying to heaven forbid- not let the fire die in their relationship.

Enter Reality- Getting married just marks the end of a life phase (no, no, its not that bad as the end of your life! Though sometimes it feels like it :-P)...and the start of another chapter.

Another chapter where you suddenly find the person you thought you knew the most can sometimes turns out to be a stranger. Who is this? Why has this person never surfaced pre-marriage??!!

And whoo-hoo, tell me about the great S word now that you are married. Make it married with kids.

Throw a stone to couples out there, ask this- how many of you have sex less than once a week, or sheesh...once a month! And you'll hear, guilty as charged.

For how can one feel sexy and be sexual (now this applies more for women than men- cause well, you know men, two 'heads' certainly doesn't think alike) can one feel sexy when you have forgotten what it feels like to be a Woman- to be you; prior to all these juggling act of work, cooking, kiddies homework, dancing around in-laws sneaky landmines, responsibilities, responsibilities, work, work, work, etc?!

When's the last time you & your life partner have a really good night out together- where your focus is on each other. Just like in the early stages of relationship? Or you'll go out, and you talk about kids & work.

When's the last time you see your life partner as a Person, an INDIVIDUAL instead of the hats they wear, wife, hubby, father, mother?

When did you stopped discovering about each other? And start ASSUMING and PRE-JUDGING each other instead?

For everything a good marriage should be- it's not about losing yourself, your identity...

and it's certainly not about losing sight of each other.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Remember- Me Inc

Was preparing to go out with hubby for dinner at where else Gardens Mid Valley (this has become our fav neighbourhood convenience store- get everything from groceries, presents, toiletries, movies, dining out, happy hours, banking, business name it)

...and back to my story, was changing my clothes to head out for dinner. Felt like dining out with hubby, just the two of us, no kids, NO talk about biz, and I want to look good just for a bit.

Since its our neighbourhood store, where you see me almost always dressed (you called it dressed?!) in very very casual outfits, I thought I put on a jeans, and choose a nice top to go with.
After two failed attempts, I picked a long forgotten pleasant cotton halterneck top. And I caught myself hesitating for a while, is this too nice for Mid Valley?

And there you have it, I surprised myself how much I've changed. The more I mature, the more mellowed I've become. But it is really me?
Or is there a part of me that got submerged in all the routine, the responsibilities, the worries, the to-do's...that I've forgotten how to live...occasionally.

Today I realized, I've unknowingly let the stress of modern life piled on me yet again. Yep, all the signs are showing. Irritations, insomnia, the suffocation feeling- the I need to get out!! feeling.

Luckily, my dear girl friend Minsch is back in KL. And we sort of have this flow with it consensus that we should nurture our friendship a wee bit more- action plan # 1: we'll catch up more compared with last time where we don't even call/text each other for weeks & months.

So, we have arranged a girly date this Sat for some nice din & drinks, and loads of yik yakking. SOS!
I can't remember the last time we done that, go out on a Sat. It's been years maybe? GOSH!

No wonder I lost myself.
No wonder I started dressing down a tad too much, work a bit too much (yes or no? the thing with my work is, sometimes the line crosses between work & interest therefore there's a tendency to work past the hour coz i got too engrossed in it), worry way too much, temper flared up definitely over the quota (bless my hubby)

It is with this, that I decided to put on my nice floral cotton green halterneck top, wore my new nice earrings, put on a bit of make up (hey, c'mon, a girl needs help with her eye circles), fluff up my hair, and off I go. Feeling good, feeling very good.

As it is too easy to be buried under the routine, the blah of a mundane life, completing as many tasks as possible, donning several hats in a day- biz, wife, mother, daughter...than remembering what is life all about, just remember this-

It is a habit to treat yourself well, and very importantly- remember You.

Friday, September 19, 2008

This is not the pleasure of shopping

AVOID - all member pre-sale. You take the trouble to go there and it's a mad house.

Today is the 1st time i went to Isetan KLCC member presale, coz I saw a blouse I like in their newsletter.

What preview? It's packed with mad shoppers, apparently, nobody works in the afternoon on a Friday, or there must be a lot of business people there who doesn't need to report back to their office after lunch!
The whole departmental store is warm and stuffy, queues are damn long, queue for fitting, queue for spending $ there.

What baloney!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In search of real bodies & real life

With a goal in my mind, and a workaholic attitude, I still can't get my butt to bed at this hour, and was instead inspired to work on my Vision board.

Vision board- a place where I display my goals, ideals, images, well, visions- of how I want things to be, life to be.

And tonight, I'm doing a short term board- just till Dec 08.

That will include 2 major area- my personal wealth accumulation (income, invest, income, invest), and after being VERY 'motivated' after seeing myself in my bikini, my health & fitness regime. (yet again, after a hiatus, and hiccups for, oh well, 3 years???)

Well, actually I've embarked on both of them, but felt it's necessary to keep it VISUAL and visible to remind me and keeps me going.

So, I went searching for 'inspiring' bodies from my pile of beauty mags.
Nope, too skinny, nope, too perfect, too hopeful for 3 months target. Gimme a real lady who looks good, not super model skinny.
Guess what, I can't find any f****** photos that resembles reality.

And that's the problem isn't it?

For reality doesn't inspire? For in a real world, you do have a lil tum, tits that do sag, eyes that do look tired- but not in the beauty world.

In the beauty world, you'll find celebrity moms that look as hot they they do 10 years ago, even though they just popped a baby 2 months ago. They look great being preggers, they make motherhood glamorous, and it seems like having a baby is the latest accessory to die for.

And in my idealistic little world, I'm a got-it-all-together businesswoman who always has time for her daughter, time for myself, cook wonderful meals for my husband, are fit, and the list goes on...
Truth of the matter is- No, I don't always have time for my daughter, as the to-do list is ever beckoning; no, sometimes I even forgot to chilled out on my own, and spend hours just reading; no, even cooking a loving meals can turn stressful when time is short...

It is time like this, that I need to take a step back, and toss whatever is on my juggling plate.
Age & experience has taught me, the more you multi-task, the more you piled on your plate, the less you get to accomplish.

It's ok for life to be a little bit imbalance at times, and realistic.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ooh the excitement of investment!!

The world had went very colourful recently- no, I'm not talking about Malaysia's political scene (not keen, not keen, not keen), but the investment world!

I've been following closely on the US stocks- one for example AIG, and lately have been staying up late (late by my beauty sleep definition means past 11pm) reading real time news from US websites.

The heart pumping excitement starts when AIG stock plummets from USD12 plus to USD4.37 yesterday 15.9.08, and NOW USD2 16.9.08!
The peak price was USD70+.
Imagined- for RM7.00, you can't even get Public Bank stock.

Now, I can understand the thrill when people invest in stock market.

But this is where the true investors separate themselves from the greedy hordes.
For true investors do their homework & due diligence, and somehow managed to separate emotions from their decisions. Where else the rest of the gang- either blindly follows or face unnecessary panic attack, and sell when they should have hold on. They may be ignorant or plain lazy to put the effort in getting their facts right, and depends a little too much on gut feeling.

Bringing it up a notch, my appetite is whet for options trading though. And I foresee in the near future, this investment vehicle will see my constant visit.
These few days excitement will be sweet for option traders, beautiful.

Now, it's the time 'to be greedy when others are fearful'.
Quote from Warren Buffett- 'Be fearful when other's are greedy, be greedy when other's are fearful'.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Merdeka Shoe

In the quest to hunt for a great pair of shoes comfy enough for my upcoming Hong Kong walkathon, without breaking my back, I trawled the malls for two days in search of The One.

Almost surrendering to my urgh Crocs perception, I nearly bought a pair if not for some divine intervention that prevents me from finding the size the fits, the colour & model I want.
In fact I went to TWO Crocs concept store.

Nope, they don't have what I thought I wanted, and I have to go all the way to another mall in Sunway. On a Sunday, public holiday, almost noon.
Heaven forbid no!

If there is one thing I have great restrain on, is to avoid ALL malls after 11am on weekends, contrary to 80% of people who's idea of spending their precious time is to be stuck in a snaking crawl to get in the mall.

I need an alternative.

Bless the internet, I remembered that there was a *gasp* Bata concept shop, and they sell *gasp* Power shoes. Which I clearly remembered was my 1st sport shoes back when I was earning crap, and it lasted me well for 3 years.

Another thing I remembered well is the price tag. Pleasingly easy on the pocket, very easy.
They should have good walking shoes (not those bulky sport shoes please!)

So off I went, and with recommendation of a very helpful Chinese saleslady (what a rarity these days), tried on a cool looking pair. Fits beautifully, comfy. It's the criteria that I'm looking for- has to be covered, good soles, soft, decent design, good quality.
It fulfills all of it- plus bonus point- it's only RM69.99! Oh my freaking god!
And when I thought things couldn't get better, the girl told me it's 50% off! ARGHHH!!!!

With much spare cash left, I 'upgraded' the shoes by adding what my poor ole knees & back need- Medigel insoles. (U know, the ones for those above age 60, I think!)
Plus 4 pairs of socks.
Total: RM88.95

Crocs: RM139
Power plus stuffs: RM88.95

With enough money for a mani & pedi (top up RM10).

Power to Power!!

So, on our 51st Merdeka, I declare my independence to be free from being a label freak, not letting decision making being clouded by brands- at least in this area.

My very own Merdeka shoe.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Even McD's value meal has more value

Here I am, supposed to be productive and work.
But I can't, I'm letting my emotions get the better of me.
Sitting here, upset over things that are outside my control (circle of influence as described in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)

Why, with advancement of technology and the blinding choice in communications, the distance between people are getting even wider?

Relationships meant nothing much, courtesy meant nothing much, feelings meant nothing much.
It's all about, I'm so busy and consumed by my own happenings that nothing, no one, can be more important than me.

Basic human courtesy of returning phone calls, or text messages, or emails are a rarity nowadays. When the message clearly stated, please revert/ awaiting your reply/ hear from you soon.

Yes, I agree, it's true we have more on our plates in this era, things are getting expensive, everyone is working a little bit more for a better life.

But have we forgot the essense of being a humanbeing?

People's life are now rush rush rush, outta my way, my priorities, that they don't mind stepping over others to get on with it.

It's true and valid, people are indeed becoming more selfish. And that, coming from a selfish only child, it's big.
It doesn't matter that they will offend or cause hurt to other people.

I thought human beings have built in feelings? No? Don't they feel upset/ hurt/ angry/ fed up/ pissed off/ puzzled when days after days no calls/text/emails are returned?...when it's VERY clearly indicated that a response is expected?!

Even myself, to my utter disgust, on rare occasions 'forgot' to response as such, sms from friends unreplied indefinitely.
'Forgot'- as I was, oh so busy, and conveniently just left it as such.
Though it certainly is not my habit of doing it, the fact that I've commited the offence remains.

It has become our way of life in this era.

What a sad sad way to live.

I missed the days when kids have no tuition/piano/judo/ballet/drawing and are free to roam the streets, like I did.

I missed the days when people get home by 5 or 6pm and sat down for dinner as a family, I'm glad I still get to do it, at 8pm!

I missed the days when neighbours are friends.

I missed the days where people are creative in spending their free time rather than jamming up the malls, knowing that they won't buy much anyway.

I missed the days where relationships are VALUED.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I lurve the movies

Watched two shows this week.

Dark Knight and Sex and The City.

Both evoking VERY different emotions after watching it. And that's what I love about movies. Good movies only, mind you.

And that is very difficult to come by.

But the Movie Gods must have been kind this Summer 2008, coz they landed two brilliant movies on my lap in a week.

Dark Knight, gosh. It's the movie of the year, no, for many many years. Brilliant. It's pure genius.

Went in with not much expectations, it's a DC comic ya know, like Batman Begins where all I can remember was Katie Holmes nipples sticking out on a flimsy satiny white top during a scene.

But this, this, the sheer logic of it all, however perverse it was, thrills me.

It makes you think about us, human kinds. What makes a right? What makes it wrong?

For in every evil, there's a logic behind.

Just takes a flip to the other side, that's all.

SATC, Sex and The girly dream came true.

For what can be more marvellous than witty comments, unconditional friendships (are there any? I want to send in my application please!), and the most f****** set of wardrobe ever.

And why do they always dine in the loveliest place, still hang out, drink and have fun...and doing it looking every bit stunning at 40???

This, this, is the ultimate finale to SATC, a deserving finale. I never thought I shed a tear, but shed I did, a couple of times during the show.

When Carrie almost got married....when Charlotte screamed in anger at Mr Big, when Steve told Miranda he slept with another woman...

Awww, I'm letting all the good stuffs out of the Louie Vuitton bag if you haven't watch it.

And Mr. Big, oh Mr. Big, it is during this finale movie, that I've confirmed, yes, I do have a crush on him. That impish grin, that deep baritone voice, that smooth super successful look, and the most important of all, he loves nothing, nobody but kid- Carrie Bradshaw. Oh, did I mentioned he's not too bad in the finance department?

Every girl's dream eh.
Sexy, successful, fun, did I mentioned sexy? John James Peterson- finally we know his name.

Does that even exist, I wonder? From the unconditional love of friendship between FOUR of them, it's crazy to even find one friend like that let alone four.

To the kind of love that Big and Carrie have for each other.

The trouble and the good, of movies is you unknowingly benchmark yourself, your life, your thoughts to those in the movies.

.............I'm gonna try on my husband whether we can live up to the benchmark tonight. ;-)

When work doesn't feels like work

Went to the cinema twice in a week, gasp! Went has this happen? Can't remember.
And in the daytime during weekdays, double gasp! Monday & Wednesday.
One may think I've retired.

It's one of those hard to grasp weird timing moments, where I'm juggling my in between time on my business & personal life.

Yes, I don't have a typical clock in at 9am work, but do I work my butt off? You bet I did. Only now I'm thinking, does work have to feels like work; in order for it to qualify as work??
I like what I'm doing, constantly refining and upgrading, and learning, and applying, that I just can't help but think of doing it. Good or bad??

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And they all came crashing down

I witness a massacre right in front of me today.

In the name of development, and god knows we need more of them, more houses when a lot were built and not being able to sell, more mega malls where some can't even pay off their credit cards let alone buy a Coach bag (oh wait, that's why some of them are in debts)...

What my family termed as a rare piece of greenery on a prime located residential area were destroyed in a matter of hours.

Our condo unit has the lucky privilege to be on the fourth floor whereby the view is of lush greens. And I remembered someone said (was it the seller?) that this view alone is worth RM30,000 from the condo price.

It's true, for where can you get to see greenery in front of your house if it is located in the city?

Seeing the way the hills are positioned, we thought that it won't be developed, boy oh boy, the monsters came and showed us how wrong we were!

Perfectly healthy trees, crunched, chewed, spit out like they didn't matter. In the background, I heard birds chirping away frantically, as if screaming in agony watching their home destroyed. My heart sanked as I saw the trees gave a big crack, then came crashing down, perfect green leaves and all. Bloodshed.

And as I stood there, the very condo that we call home, I reflected, was this very place the home to lush trees and animals too?

What price to pay, in the name of development?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The world's simplest money management system revealed!

How many times have we heard, I have no money, what is there to manage?

Ok, time to put things straight:

#1 Even beggars have money- there's no such thing as not having money, either it's more or it's less, but you still have money

#2 Which leads us to a very important point- So, you do have money after all. But, wait, you whined, I don't have enough money to manage!!

The key is managing whatever you have, so you will have MORE.

Hands up to those of you who signed up auto debit payment (say for example: A gym membership for RM200) and don't even notice when the payment has been made? (the outflow of the money goes unnoticed as it is auto payment)

Take it another step, you decided to work out by jogging around your neighbourhood now and hence cancelled the gym membership. This effectively gives you an extra of RM200.00 to spend/ save/ invest.....sounds like a pretty good idea...or is it?

Through my experience of speaking with many friends, the extra money normally slipped out of their finger unnoticed! Yes, it was spent alright. But to where???

See, the thing is the money was spent, and they don't even get to experience the thrill of knowing what they spent....

If this is getting confusing, read on and you soon know the relevation!

Back to the money management tug of war...ready for the most ridiculously simple money management system ever???

Everytime you get paid an income (salary, bonus, rent,etc), before you do anything, before you pay ANYONE, that includes your bank, PAY YOURSELF FIRST!

Here's how to do it:

1. 10% goes into YOU- this is your Financial Freedom account. Not to spend, not to give away. You accumulate a decent enough amount then you put it into investment.

Note: Majority of people get a disease IBS or Itchy Butt Syndrome when they see a pool of money accumulated....and they SPEND it!! Hey, you worked to accumulate it to this handsome sum, you deserve it right? WRONG! You don't spend it at all! You reinvest and reinvest, never ever touching the capital!

You do this until you have reached the stage of (sing with me now) Financial FREEdom!! Or simply put, your passive income > expenses. When you are at this stage, you can spend the returns from the investments, but again, never from the capital.

It is only when you have income continuosly coming in whether you work or not that you can be freeeee, if not, its back to your rat race, baby.

2. 10% - Saving for future spending

This is for those gadgets, car, slimming program, child education, that you want. Save towards it. One of the major reason why so many people are in goddamn debts it's because of the wonderful 0% easy installment programs available! Darling, it's 0% interest, not 0% payment. You still need to pay for it! Do this often enough, and you find that all your income goes right into settling easy payment this and that, not so fun now isn't it?

Reality check, if you need to split RM5000 into installments, chances are you can't afford it. It hurts, I know.

3. 10% - Education

I'm not talking about kid's education. I'm talking about your education! Books, seminars, courses that can enrich your life, improve your mindset and adds value to you.

*4. 10% - Fun

Whoa ho ho, this is MY favourite!! As human beings are creature of comfort, we shy away from pain. So, if pain is inflicted, what do we do? We retaliate!

This lovely account is designed to give you pleasure, mm hmm. For this is the account that you can, you must, blow away every single cents in it within that month on anything you want!!

Try it, and tell me that you don't feel the thrill of planning what to spend, and when you spend it, it's 100% guilt free!

It's definitely better than not knowing what you spent on, and then you spend it anyway, end of the day, you don't know where has your money gone.

5. 55% - The blah blah

This is for the monthly expenses, debts....zzzzz.....enough said

Note: Some people will note that 55% is not even enough to cover their expenses....guess why we always feel broke?

6. 5% - Love

As good karma goes, in order to receive, you give. It's complete bullshit that you have no money to give. This account is dedicated for giving. It doesn't have to be donations to charity only, it can be a gift for someone who has helped you.

There you have it, TA DAH! The world's simplest $ management system.

The percentage serves as a guide. For some circumstances, you may temporarily need to increase the Blah Blah to 70%, just go ahead. But whatever it is, never lower your You account to less than 10%.


It's the habit that counts, not the amount. Even if you are in debts (who's not?), split it anyway.

If you keep on working to plough all money to clear the debts, you soon retaliate and will get into more debts (like attracts like).

If you keep on just saving, you will retaliate. You need to have fun a bit with your Fun account.

Open DIFFERENT bank account to hold all the 6 different monies. That way, you won't be tempted to dip into your You account for the latest mobile phone.

I find it easy to have jars in the house that I can then transfer to respective investments and bank accounts.

For You account, apart from the 10% that you deduct upon receiving your income, have another jar at home. End of the day, put whatever spare change you have, 10 cents, RM5.00, RM10.00 into it EVERY DAY. You will find that unknowingly you had additionally set aside a neat sum end of the month for you to invest and MAKE MORE MONEY! Really cool.

This method is basic financial planning way way back from ancient Babylon age (read the book Richest Man In Babylon).

I knew about it, but was I really practising it? No. Coz I was missing a few points- its simple, but not easy!

It's a habit that keeps the rich rich, and the middle class just over broke.

Bless Mr. T. Harv Ever- multi millionnaire. I've recently attended his seminar Millionnaire Mindset Intensive and was reintroduced to this concept.

And bless me for practising it every single day after I left his seminar!

Now, though I'm working to increasing my income, accumulating my wealth, settling debts (yes, yes, I have those buggers), I feel happy, in of all, I know end of the month, I have my Fun account to celebrate!! Hmm....what to buy next?....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Question of the decade

After being in existence for 34 years, I again asked myself, what do you want in life?

Guess big questions like this requires more time, coz half year down the road, I haven't nailed it down deep.

Yet, I know I made progress month after month, discarding old habits, old blueprints that's holding me back, collecting sweet titbits for my life, taking a bit of time to smell the roses, put on some weight (now, this is totally not my intention!), enjoy life. Heck, if I'm going to walk the road, I might as well enjoy the journey.

That explains my blog title. An inspiration from a brilliant book- Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. It's a nonfiction book, reviewed by Oprah. About a woman in search of herself.

This comes in smack when I was disillusioned with areas of my life- business, relationships, families, dreams. And it's heaven sent, for I have found the key to my life. - Perfectly encapsulated in these three words: Pleasure ~ Devotion ~ Balance

So, my blog is dedicated to to the finer things in life, material & non. This is a sanctuary for me to indulge and explore what makes a happy life.