Thursday, September 25, 2008

Remember- Me Inc

Was preparing to go out with hubby for dinner at where else Gardens Mid Valley (this has become our fav neighbourhood convenience store- get everything from groceries, presents, toiletries, movies, dining out, happy hours, banking, business name it)

...and back to my story, was changing my clothes to head out for dinner. Felt like dining out with hubby, just the two of us, no kids, NO talk about biz, and I want to look good just for a bit.

Since its our neighbourhood store, where you see me almost always dressed (you called it dressed?!) in very very casual outfits, I thought I put on a jeans, and choose a nice top to go with.
After two failed attempts, I picked a long forgotten pleasant cotton halterneck top. And I caught myself hesitating for a while, is this too nice for Mid Valley?

And there you have it, I surprised myself how much I've changed. The more I mature, the more mellowed I've become. But it is really me?
Or is there a part of me that got submerged in all the routine, the responsibilities, the worries, the to-do's...that I've forgotten how to live...occasionally.

Today I realized, I've unknowingly let the stress of modern life piled on me yet again. Yep, all the signs are showing. Irritations, insomnia, the suffocation feeling- the I need to get out!! feeling.

Luckily, my dear girl friend Minsch is back in KL. And we sort of have this flow with it consensus that we should nurture our friendship a wee bit more- action plan # 1: we'll catch up more compared with last time where we don't even call/text each other for weeks & months.

So, we have arranged a girly date this Sat for some nice din & drinks, and loads of yik yakking. SOS!
I can't remember the last time we done that, go out on a Sat. It's been years maybe? GOSH!

No wonder I lost myself.
No wonder I started dressing down a tad too much, work a bit too much (yes or no? the thing with my work is, sometimes the line crosses between work & interest therefore there's a tendency to work past the hour coz i got too engrossed in it), worry way too much, temper flared up definitely over the quota (bless my hubby)

It is with this, that I decided to put on my nice floral cotton green halterneck top, wore my new nice earrings, put on a bit of make up (hey, c'mon, a girl needs help with her eye circles), fluff up my hair, and off I go. Feeling good, feeling very good.

As it is too easy to be buried under the routine, the blah of a mundane life, completing as many tasks as possible, donning several hats in a day- biz, wife, mother, daughter...than remembering what is life all about, just remember this-

It is a habit to treat yourself well, and very importantly- remember You.