Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And they all came crashing down

I witness a massacre right in front of me today.

In the name of development, and god knows we need more of them, more houses when a lot were built and not being able to sell, more mega malls where some can't even pay off their credit cards let alone buy a Coach bag (oh wait, that's why some of them are in debts)...

What my family termed as a rare piece of greenery on a prime located residential area were destroyed in a matter of hours.

Our condo unit has the lucky privilege to be on the fourth floor whereby the view is of lush greens. And I remembered someone said (was it the seller?) that this view alone is worth RM30,000 from the condo price.

It's true, for where can you get to see greenery in front of your house if it is located in the city?

Seeing the way the hills are positioned, we thought that it won't be developed, boy oh boy, the monsters came and showed us how wrong we were!

Perfectly healthy trees, crunched, chewed, spit out like they didn't matter. In the background, I heard birds chirping away frantically, as if screaming in agony watching their home destroyed. My heart sanked as I saw the trees gave a big crack, then came crashing down, perfect green leaves and all. Bloodshed.

And as I stood there, the very condo that we call home, I reflected, was this very place the home to lush trees and animals too?

What price to pay, in the name of development?


minchow said...

Oh gosh that's terrible! I remember those gorgeous green views from your unit... there's just no stopping unnecessary development, even in this economic climate. When are ppl going to realise that real worth of land is land untouched??!

Mellie said...

Argh, I can't get the hold of this checking my comments box thingy.
Just realized I had a comment from you a month late!!

You must give some tips on how to do this, yes?

And to your commment- I could not agree more. When I migrate, it will be to some where rural!