Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I lurve the movies

Watched two shows this week.

Dark Knight and Sex and The City.

Both evoking VERY different emotions after watching it. And that's what I love about movies. Good movies only, mind you.

And that is very difficult to come by.

But the Movie Gods must have been kind this Summer 2008, coz they landed two brilliant movies on my lap in a week.

Dark Knight, gosh. It's the movie of the year, no, for many many years. Brilliant. It's pure genius.

Went in with not much expectations, it's a DC comic ya know, like Batman Begins where all I can remember was Katie Holmes nipples sticking out on a flimsy satiny white top during a scene.

But this, this, the sheer logic of it all, however perverse it was, thrills me.

It makes you think about us, human kinds. What makes a right? What makes it wrong?

For in every evil, there's a logic behind.

Just takes a flip to the other side, that's all.

SATC, Sex and The girly dream came true.

For what can be more marvellous than witty comments, unconditional friendships (are there any? I want to send in my application please!), and the most f****** set of wardrobe ever.

And why do they always dine in the loveliest place, still hang out, drink and have fun...and doing it looking every bit stunning at 40???

This, this, is the ultimate finale to SATC, a deserving finale. I never thought I shed a tear, but shed I did, a couple of times during the show.

When Carrie almost got married....when Charlotte screamed in anger at Mr Big, when Steve told Miranda he slept with another woman...

Awww, I'm letting all the good stuffs out of the Louie Vuitton bag if you haven't watch it.

And Mr. Big, oh Mr. Big, it is during this finale movie, that I've confirmed, yes, I do have a crush on him. That impish grin, that deep baritone voice, that smooth super successful look, and the most important of all, he loves nothing, nobody but kid- Carrie Bradshaw. Oh, did I mentioned he's not too bad in the finance department?

Every girl's dream eh.
Sexy, successful, fun, did I mentioned sexy? John James Peterson- finally we know his name.

Does that even exist, I wonder? From the unconditional love of friendship between FOUR of them, it's crazy to even find one friend like that let alone four.

To the kind of love that Big and Carrie have for each other.

The trouble and the good, of movies is you unknowingly benchmark yourself, your life, your thoughts to those in the movies.

.............I'm gonna try on my husband whether we can live up to the benchmark tonight. ;-)


minchow said...

I was kinda underwhelmed by both, but I think particulary by SATC, simply because I'd read so much about it beforehand. The company was great though! ;-)