Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I've discovered a new love

Thanks to whoever that invented the mirror- about a couple of weeks back, when I look at my reflection in the mirror upon putting on my bikini, my brain tells me this: That's it, ENOUGH deceiving! You better put a stop to this nonsense, lady!

With a Urgh, plus a disgusted expression, I agreed with my brain. It's time to get down to business.

Bikini- I hereby sentence you away in my cupboard temporarily. No more delaying of buying my very 1st ONE PIECE swimsuit to start my self procrastinating swimming habit at home.

One piece criteria- it has to be moderately modest as I'll be in public scrutiny. It's different when you r away on holiday, you can be covered with mere dental floss for all you care.
It has to be kinda stylish. No fat straps, nor T-back for me.

So, I went marching to Mid Veg Royal Sporting House- and I found it. Though I had a bit of a problem trying to decide on my final two PINK Speedo choices. (a girly girl likes her pink!)
Hubby made it right for me, the other choice will make me feel uncomfortable for condo swimming. I may cause some old uncle to die of heart attack, as it's sssssssss sizzling hot!

At last, I settled on Speedo everything- from goggles to condom cap (that's what my hubby calls them!). Anyway, nothing can be as bad as looking f**, and since I intend to swim very frequently, I want to lessen the damage to my hair, so there!

Excitedly, I had my maiden swim. Now, you've gotta understand, I never learn swimming before, so my freestyle always left me panting midway of pool, and I'm always very self conscious of how idiotic I looked when I swim the strokes incorrectly.

Surprise of surprises, it must be the condom cap! God must have taken pity on me for looking like a dork, and decided to put some of my strokes right (I hope). I actually ENJOYED my swim, tremendously!

And now I constantly find myself, thinking, no, CRAVING for a swim very often! I crave for a swim when I woke up, and see sunny skies, I crave for a swim in the middle of meeting, I crave for a swim whenever I have yet another tiff with hubby dearest.

It seems to be my escape! I felt liberated, in control, calm when I do my laps. Yes, I do laps now!! Another secret, I never really swam proper before! It was a lap or two, then at the poolside, flapping around.

Writing this makes me wanna go swim now, even. Don't mind if it's twice in a day!
Now...wouldn't this kind of craving be HELPFUL for craving of another 'horizontal activity'...


Mellie said...

so glad you have a passion in swimming. Now I can always join you so that this is one of our many favourite do together thing...

Mellie said...

Hey Kev,
You've typed in the wrong email address lar. Now it came out as if I sent a comment to myself!

minchow said...

I envy your discipline! I didn't make it to the pool today, despite my staunch pledge to do it last night. I wonder if this has to do with not getting a bright enough one piece... hmmmm....

Mellie said...

550ml: Swimming is my only salvation for now...I never found any easier work out to do, and pleasant somemore (except when there's KIDS in the pool, grrrrr). Yet, till now, after 1 month, I'm STILL NOT bikini ready...must be the not so healthy food I'm eating!