Saturday, November 22, 2008

In a motivational mood

Gosh...what a day!
One consultancy deal blown up in my face, put in some effort for it, but the opposite party was just not sincere in his negotiation, I'm really pissed. Not because I didn't seal the deal, but the way he negotiated. It wasn't even a negotiation to start off with.

Then I was looking forward to happy hour with my best girl, long overdue meet up due to both our busy schedule. That also, was cancelled last minute as she was called back to the office to work after she had left!! (Remind me again not to go back to employment!).

But as I always try (TRY is the word) to tell myself- how you perceive the situation is how it will be for you. So, I try (there's that damn word again) to psycho myself to think myself to winning this mind game.

I smsed my hubby, and have to reword the phrase I'm stressed, I'm down, I'm dejected, I'm depressed (after four negative attempts) to - I want to feel good.
"I want to order McD or pizza, and you go buy beer for me, as I want to feel good after the incident. "
Quite instantaneously, I felt better! Just by rewording my thoughts.

So here's my reward- a plate of hot greasy fried rice (McD, pizza, doesn't matter. I love my grease!), followed by yummy old skool strawberry cake and BEER.

And the bonus is, by being determined to MOVE ON after the rejections, I finally finished the exam materials I've been procrastinating on for the last 3 weeks!

Well, with so many things and to do's in my mind, it's not the easiest thing to do, so I made this note ( is my fav!), pin it up right in front of me on my work board, and it really really helps to pull my 'wandering spirit' down to the TASK ON HAND at the

A man fails because of his inability to f-o-c-u-s, and a man goes insane with stress because of his inability to be present and focus on the task on hand. ~ mellie


minchow said...

Yeah, unemployment is the engine of discontentment! Until brunch tomorrow then!

Julian Si said...

Focus!! :-) Nice and simple does it...

Mellie said...

Julian: Tx 4 dropping by my blog.
Like the pix you took in Pattaya!

irene.she said...

Nice blog :)
Focus! Focus! this is what i need now ~~
You have a joyful Friday!

kennhyn said...

I more curious about the pairing of the strawberry care and beer? is it a good pair up, because my beer always go with oily food, you should try older carls junior takeaway and then get a lot of beer, that will be really greasy stuff.

Mellie said...

kennhyn:the oily food quota was fulfilled by the greasy fried rice!
The strawberry cake is another indulgement. :-D