Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In search of real bodies & real life

With a goal in my mind, and a workaholic attitude, I still can't get my butt to bed at this hour, and was instead inspired to work on my Vision board.

Vision board- a place where I display my goals, ideals, images, well, visions- of how I want things to be, life to be.

And tonight, I'm doing a short term board- just till Dec 08.

That will include 2 major area- my personal wealth accumulation (income, invest, income, invest), and after being VERY 'motivated' after seeing myself in my bikini, my health & fitness regime. (yet again, after a hiatus, and hiccups for, oh well, 3 years???)

Well, actually I've embarked on both of them, but felt it's necessary to keep it VISUAL and visible to remind me and keeps me going.

So, I went searching for 'inspiring' bodies from my pile of beauty mags.
Nope, too skinny, nope, too perfect, too hopeful for 3 months target. Gimme a real lady who looks good, not super model skinny.
Guess what, I can't find any f****** photos that resembles reality.

And that's the problem isn't it?

For reality doesn't inspire? For in a real world, you do have a lil tum, tits that do sag, eyes that do look tired- but not in the beauty world.

In the beauty world, you'll find celebrity moms that look as hot they they do 10 years ago, even though they just popped a baby 2 months ago. They look great being preggers, they make motherhood glamorous, and it seems like having a baby is the latest accessory to die for.

And in my idealistic little world, I'm a got-it-all-together businesswoman who always has time for her daughter, time for myself, cook wonderful meals for my husband, are fit, and the list goes on...
Truth of the matter is- No, I don't always have time for my daughter, as the to-do list is ever beckoning; no, sometimes I even forgot to chilled out on my own, and spend hours just reading; no, even cooking a loving meals can turn stressful when time is short...

It is time like this, that I need to take a step back, and toss whatever is on my juggling plate.
Age & experience has taught me, the more you multi-task, the more you piled on your plate, the less you get to accomplish.

It's ok for life to be a little bit imbalance at times, and realistic.