Sunday, April 26, 2009

Traumatizing patrons since 1988.....Tastebud gone wrong

What a bad way to chase away a hangover. Lousy food. Lousy, lousy, lousy.
First bite, SALTY! Heavily laced with MSG, pungent with garlic smell. Stew yee mee = out!
My lunch buddy's Tom Yam is not any better, repeat the above, minus the garlic. Tom Yam soup koay teow = out!
Side dish- four angle beans with ikan billis. Repeat the above, plus rubbery fishy ikan bilis. Vege= out!
Both of us left, angry over wasted calories, and paying good money on bad food again.
I left with an even more pounding headache after being poisoned by a month full of MSG quota!

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The camera is drunk, not me

1st, the tummies...special Lamb Shank RM30.00, tender & juicy. Oxtail stew RM15,00, not bad- could opt for better bread though. Happily washed down with chilled beer, the first of plenty to come...Head waiter Zamri, one rare breed of enthusiatic servers who seems to enjoy his work, and delights us with his service. Nice!

Let the drinking begin, one a counting, two a counting, glug, glug, glug, yadda, yadda, yadda, buzz, buzz, buzz...

1.45am: La ti da, la, la, la. A very happy cat.
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Friday, April 24, 2009

I am tiger, hear me growwl

Pre-dinner...on the prowl...
Found luscious victim lying helplessly in a semi-transparent plastic...
No one is around....purrrr....
Fangs, er..teeth sank into heavenly cushiony thigh..mmm...slurrp..
Wait...something is not complete! heavenly 8.6% alcohol Bavaria Holland lager,
Glug, glug, glug, glug..
Ever heard of an alcoholic tiger?
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Thursday, April 23, 2009


An impromptu celebration, deep discussion, bonding, bitch session, Mars VS Venus- the whole mish mash into one late evening.

Talk about being ambitious in getting many things done all in one session. But, have no fear, wine in a Ladies Choice Mayo bucket is here!

The location: Food Foundry, Sec 17.

A what I thought BYO mecca (apart from the 'tai chows') that welcomes well...BYO, if you at least order 1 main meal, from their non MSG, non addictive kitchen.
(Non addictive? Does that mean we won't crave for their food, ever? Hmmm...they might wanna re-think THAT).

Lo and behold. 1st, we were brought a drinking glass filled with ice, after we've asked for a bucket to chill our wine. (errrr...)
After serious sign language to explain to the Burmese/Bangladeshi/I dunno what; what is a bucket...I swear I looked like a chimpanzee with both my arms waving up & down...they said they have none.

Except...drum roll please...

TA DAH! Lady's Choice Mayooooooooooo bucket! Ain't it a beauty!...

Well, whatever does the job, baby. Whatever does the job.
Oh, did I mentioned the chicken chop was pretty alright fare for RM15.00?...Ok lar.
Any reason to go back will be:
  1. BYO (but remember your own bucket)
  2. Vanilla crepe....mmmmmmm
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6 pounds of happiness

Who cares...
if one lacks diamonds in the safe deposit box,

when you can have these blings on your nails?

in a form of 6 pounds (as in UK currency) blings

Monday, April 13, 2009

Jogoya...NO Go ya!

Days of expectations...
Drooling saliva...
Disciplined fasting...(er, not)
Sacrificial beauty sleep...
Long queue ala 3rd class citizens... (is it a warning? or is the food really that good?)
Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!!
The anticipation makes it very, very tempting indeed...
Jogoya, oh Jogoya, oh Jogoya (sang Dangdut style)
Buy 2 free 1, free flowing wine & haagen Daz...
What a steal, we're gonna make our tummies filled!
1st stop sashimi & appetizers, yay, yay, yay
Surprised to see just a small variety of appetizers on the miserable trays
Chugging along to the oyster section, only to find it empty upon further inspection
It's ok, it's ok, glass of good wine will make my day
By golly, I choked, it only adds on to my dismay,
Ok, enough of the rhymes, they certainly don't deserve it.
After futile attempts to find decent food, and boy, is the place huge. There is...NONE
Tempura prawns is simply normal flour batter fried till not crispy but ala E.D. style (go figure)
Unagi is pukey sweet, lembik & fishy
Hand roll will be the curse on my 1st date, for I'll sure swear mother f****** %$#&*% trying to tear the damn seaweed apart with my teeth intact
Haagen Daz? You give love a bad name.
They really spoilt years of branding & advertising...
Luxury? Sexy? Indulgent?
Think along more of disgracefully chucking your head deep down into the ice-cream (counter?)
and trying to scrape off whatever remains in the goddamn bloody tub.
To top it off, there's complimentary roaches
(are they full of protein? are they new age food?)
scurrying around plates (We spotted 2), on the ceiling (I spotted 1)...
If we do ever publish the photos, they are so dead (The restaurant, not the roaches)
Mademoiselle got so upset for wasting good money (RM63 plus) over lousy food that
I drank a whole glass of shitty red wine to numb my senses.
All the while craving for cheap Bavarian beer sold in Brickfields!

Verdict? WORST jap buffet I ever had, absolutely without a single doubt,
scum of the earth worst.
You'll be better off spending RM63 plus on:
* 1.5 hours massage
* Mani/pedi
*2 bottles of RM30+ wine from Cold Storage
* .......fill in the blanks, you get the point.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Chasing Pavements

Should I just keep chasing pavements

Even if it leads nowhere?

Why I can still enjoy my work, though working on a FRIDAY nite

Always saves the day...or nite!
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Monday, April 6, 2009

Fotokem? Or Foto-CON?

I got my passport photo printed today. It was from an existing photo stored in CD.
Nicely laid out one piece- four pictures, so it can be printed out in 4R easily.

Surprise 1: Its is the standard in Malaysia, regardless whether you have existing photo, and don't need to do any photography, they charged you RM12.00 If you need photography, they charged RM15.00

Surprise 2: I was being told the reasons why it needs to be RM12.00 (instead of RM0.40 as per 4R printing price) its:
-because it's a passport photo. Hello?
-because I only print 1 piece. Hello?
-because it involves work to arrange the photos in fours, and to cut it.
Ah ha! But here's the part, my photos WERE already arranged in fours, ready to be printed WITHOUT any layout to be made.

So, why do they still charged me full price of RM12.00??
Just to print 1 piece of 4R, that's already being laid out nicely.

I wonder, did I missed out something? Or was I really conned?