Thursday, August 14, 2008

Even McD's value meal has more value

Here I am, supposed to be productive and work.
But I can't, I'm letting my emotions get the better of me.
Sitting here, upset over things that are outside my control (circle of influence as described in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)

Why, with advancement of technology and the blinding choice in communications, the distance between people are getting even wider?

Relationships meant nothing much, courtesy meant nothing much, feelings meant nothing much.
It's all about, I'm so busy and consumed by my own happenings that nothing, no one, can be more important than me.

Basic human courtesy of returning phone calls, or text messages, or emails are a rarity nowadays. When the message clearly stated, please revert/ awaiting your reply/ hear from you soon.

Yes, I agree, it's true we have more on our plates in this era, things are getting expensive, everyone is working a little bit more for a better life.

But have we forgot the essense of being a humanbeing?

People's life are now rush rush rush, outta my way, my priorities, that they don't mind stepping over others to get on with it.

It's true and valid, people are indeed becoming more selfish. And that, coming from a selfish only child, it's big.
It doesn't matter that they will offend or cause hurt to other people.

I thought human beings have built in feelings? No? Don't they feel upset/ hurt/ angry/ fed up/ pissed off/ puzzled when days after days no calls/text/emails are returned?...when it's VERY clearly indicated that a response is expected?!

Even myself, to my utter disgust, on rare occasions 'forgot' to response as such, sms from friends unreplied indefinitely.
'Forgot'- as I was, oh so busy, and conveniently just left it as such.
Though it certainly is not my habit of doing it, the fact that I've commited the offence remains.

It has become our way of life in this era.

What a sad sad way to live.

I missed the days when kids have no tuition/piano/judo/ballet/drawing and are free to roam the streets, like I did.

I missed the days when people get home by 5 or 6pm and sat down for dinner as a family, I'm glad I still get to do it, at 8pm!

I missed the days when neighbours are friends.

I missed the days where people are creative in spending their free time rather than jamming up the malls, knowing that they won't buy much anyway.

I missed the days where relationships are VALUED.