Saturday, October 11, 2008

Someone up there must be crazy

I tell you, God (by that, I'm not refering to any particular religious figure) must be having a field
day when he created Woman.

For WHY did he make us:

1. Suffer 9 whole months when we are pregnant
2. Go thru mother of all pain when we deliver
3. Got fat after that
4. Have to forgo favourite food to slim down after that
(The Men just have fun, don't they)

AND if we don't get pregnant...

5. Suffer EVERY month with periods- which have no fun/happiness/health/ spiritual benefits whatsover except that they are a bloody mess, make our face break out...and

CAN'T SWIM FOR A FREAKING F****** WEEK!!!! (this is really the whole point of my ranting)

This cycle automatically repeats itself (oh, if not, you are in another sort of health trouble, see, I told you he's having a field day) until you hit 50 or so.

Then, you suffer with the symptoms of menopause.

Yes, he must be having fun when he created Woman.



Ciki said...

but I'd rather still be a woman than a man! lol.. suffer one week, but smarter 99% of the time.. ok wat.. harharhar;P

Mellie said...

Ciki: That's what I always tell my hubby...I'M ALWAYS RIGHT! :-D