Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Brain ain't thinking

It's one of those days- where I feel like my mind is blank, I have a blank stare ahead, yet deep within, there's an itch I couldn't reach (NO! I don't hv STD, you squirrel brain!)

It's those I got so much to do and think, and worry, worry , worry, that I just felt like...ta pau-ing and just go away. Maybe back to Penang, and pig out on all those yummy foods (bless the food blogs for whetting my appetite)

It's one of those days, that I think, is this it? Is this really it? Really? Really weally eally? Really meally eally teally really it? (OK, you get the drift).

And I can't think SHIT when I'm in these moods. I can't think productive stuffs for my biz, I can't think of action plans, can't think of anything. But just sigh...getting away.

THOUGH, getting away- my rational self always tells myself- it's just temporary escapism. You'll come back to the same thing if you don't solve it, goddamn it.

So, here we go on a merry go round of emotions, should do, should not, could have, could've beens...

Just get me outta here