Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Merdeka Shoe

In the quest to hunt for a great pair of shoes comfy enough for my upcoming Hong Kong walkathon, without breaking my back, I trawled the malls for two days in search of The One.

Almost surrendering to my urgh Crocs perception, I nearly bought a pair if not for some divine intervention that prevents me from finding the size the fits, the colour & model I want.
In fact I went to TWO Crocs concept store.

Nope, they don't have what I thought I wanted, and I have to go all the way to another mall in Sunway. On a Sunday, public holiday, almost noon.
Heaven forbid no!

If there is one thing I have great restrain on, is to avoid ALL malls after 11am on weekends, contrary to 80% of people who's idea of spending their precious time is to be stuck in a snaking crawl to get in the mall.

I need an alternative.

Bless the internet, I remembered that there was a *gasp* Bata concept shop, and they sell *gasp* Power shoes. Which I clearly remembered was my 1st sport shoes back when I was earning crap, and it lasted me well for 3 years.

Another thing I remembered well is the price tag. Pleasingly easy on the pocket, very easy.
They should have good walking shoes (not those bulky sport shoes please!)

So off I went, and with recommendation of a very helpful Chinese saleslady (what a rarity these days), tried on a cool looking pair. Fits beautifully, comfy. It's the criteria that I'm looking for- has to be covered, good soles, soft, decent design, good quality.
It fulfills all of it- plus bonus point- it's only RM69.99! Oh my freaking god!
And when I thought things couldn't get better, the girl told me it's 50% off! ARGHHH!!!!

With much spare cash left, I 'upgraded' the shoes by adding what my poor ole knees & back need- Medigel insoles. (U know, the ones for those above age 60, I think!)
Plus 4 pairs of socks.
Total: RM88.95

Crocs: RM139
Power plus stuffs: RM88.95

With enough money for a mani & pedi (top up RM10).

Power to Power!!

So, on our 51st Merdeka, I declare my independence to be free from being a label freak, not letting decision making being clouded by brands- at least in this area.

My very own Merdeka shoe.