Thursday, June 12, 2008

Question of the decade

After being in existence for 34 years, I again asked myself, what do you want in life?

Guess big questions like this requires more time, coz half year down the road, I haven't nailed it down deep.

Yet, I know I made progress month after month, discarding old habits, old blueprints that's holding me back, collecting sweet titbits for my life, taking a bit of time to smell the roses, put on some weight (now, this is totally not my intention!), enjoy life. Heck, if I'm going to walk the road, I might as well enjoy the journey.

That explains my blog title. An inspiration from a brilliant book- Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. It's a nonfiction book, reviewed by Oprah. About a woman in search of herself.

This comes in smack when I was disillusioned with areas of my life- business, relationships, families, dreams. And it's heaven sent, for I have found the key to my life. - Perfectly encapsulated in these three words: Pleasure ~ Devotion ~ Balance

So, my blog is dedicated to to the finer things in life, material & non. This is a sanctuary for me to indulge and explore what makes a happy life.


Darlin said...

I am so happy to read your writing. I fell in love with you remember when you showed me your lovely writing in your twinhead notebook? Over a mug of beer in a colonial style building used to be the railway station. I like that place, Sentral is so character-less.
We want balance, love and care around us. But most of all, enjoy the journey, don't miss it. The road to heaven is of course heaven itself. More so, together with you.

minchow said...

Great to see it's started! And really glad to hear you're getting a grip on things... I should be so lucky! :-P

thomopinion said...

I do like your phrase; "Pleasure - Devotion - Balance" To each person, it conjures different meaning. I believe:

DEVOTION is to a CAUSE (be it love, hate or justice etc)
BALANCE is to reach that stage of one's life where one achieves EQUILIBRIUM!

Confusing.....perhaps mind boggling?