Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Strut pout

My first pair of red heels. 3 or 4 inches too.

I've forgotten how wearing a high heels feels like- sexy, alive, I am woman- hear me roar...hmm...I prefer purrr...

After almost 3 years of sensible shoes..and sensible life (read: bland), I stumbled onto this scarlet purchase.

Here's how:

I got a surprise RM30 voucher from Padini (from HSBC credit card promotion). So, naturally I went to Vincci. Though I had swear them off my sensible shoe list, especially for my work, only leather, less than 2 inches, only Clarks, Lewre, Hush Puppies will do (Eh, I can't bear parting my good money on Fly-my-money-away-gamo yet lah).

At first, I only zoomed in on flatties, yes, you guess it, sensible shoes, basic shades, easy matching...and when the shoe I chose didn't come in my size. A light went off (no, not the store light). Why do I keep buying for my work outfit and have no decent going out garb that remind me the woman I was?
After that, I went MAD over my focus in searching for my long wished but never took action to buy killer red shoes!

I shortlisted a total of 8 pairs! Yes, 8 freaking pairs, coz my freaking shoe size of 9 makes it very very difficult for me.
Finally, I spotted this new arrival which was not my 1st choice...but it did came in my size, goddamnit!

I put it on, immediately gaining 3-4 inches, putting me at 5ft 7 or 8inches, yes...nice... very nice indeed.

Wore it the next night, every step I take makes me feel like I'm on my imaginary catwalk, my posture straighten up...ya know making what's supposed to protrude, well..protrude more..

Yesterday, I find myself craving to lay my hand on my next pair of 3.5 inches heels, maybe glittery? Definitely bright colours. Definitely shiny. Definitely sexy. Now, I understand what's the obsession with the women of Sex and The City with their sky high Manolos.

Strut pout, put it out, that's what you want from women ( Strut- Sheena Easton)
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Ciki said...

i totally agree. i have couple of red shoes for when the vamp mood hits! haha;P

Mellie said...

Ciki: A couple?? I'm envious. :-D Argh, I must go shopping the kiamsiap way!

choi yen said...

Red shoe really outstanding!!!

Mellie said...

Mimi:Hi, tx for dropping by my blog. Hell yeah, I love me red shoes. Just hv to go out more often so I can wear it though. Can't wear it for work, which is all I do now. :-p

minchow said...

Oooh... how nice to be able to get into the mood to pull off red heels! Whatever will you wear with it?

Mellie said...

550ml jar of faith: Jeans, though i can't fit into skinny jeans :-(. Simple dresses. I think anything goes, no? EXCEPT, shorts!