Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Life- Simplified for 2009 & beyond

I know, by this time of this year, loads of people will be asking, what the heck, where has all the time gone? It's another New Year's Eve again!

As usual, ever since I left the employment world more than 5 years ago, my yearly routine would be to reflect (gasp! gasp! gasp!), review, and plan for the next year.

But, I never do New Year Resolutions, it's always a joke & a slap to me coz I treat them as carelessly as I wrote them down.

More often than not, I always do my planning in Jan, coz I always work right up till end of the year.

But since this year, I now disgust myself by being a slug bum since early Dec 08, my 2009 plan was done on 29th Dec 2008.

It was easy enough as my focus is only on business planning and direction.

I find that with practise, with reading habit, attending selected seminars has helped my thinking process tremendously.

This year, back in my hometown Penang since 24th, I managed to selfishly hogged a few quiet hours to be by myself. I must admit, I'm getting a bit flustered at how fast the year is catching up, and I need to calm my crazy mind down!

A cluttered mind has no clear direction nor great ideas. The clarity you can get when you quiet down your mind is great! So, always allow yourself time to quiet down and think.

Foggy vision only lands you in a ditch.
However, vision without definite action plan is equally suicidal!

I find that if you ask yourself the right questions, you will have answers to a lot of things.
More often than not, we jammed ourselves into a corner, fretting & fussing.
Or worst, trapped in a vicious cycle of indecisiveness, grudge, arguements...simply because our mind is fogged up!

So, I always start with the big picture before zooming into details.

And it's VERY EASY to do this, just ask yourself questions. It works for, I dare say, almost anything. Your business, your career, your relationships, your health...

Be as elaborate as you can, let your mind wander, brainstorm, just write down anything, DON'T SELF CENSOR your thoughts at this point!! This is a time for you (yes, you thick headed skull you) to listen to your HEART. For it always tells you the right thing, though our adult life tries to rationalized otherwise.

It's not hocus pocus, but if you give yourself a chance to be true to yourself, you will agree that it pays to listen, and it is very powerful what you can get out of it.

Ready to quiet down? Here it goes, ask yourself:

What do I want? (in your biz, in your career, in your family, etc)

What do I don't want? Though I find it's more pleasing to focus on what do u want rather than don't.

How do I get what I want?

What can I do now?

Where is the balance between (eg: income) and (eg: dreams)?

When do I want to achieve what I want?

Fill in your own questions...

Just remember to let your mind flow, be really elaborate, write it down, write it down.

Wishing you a rich yet simple life, and a beautiful 2009.

Happy new year to you!