Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ask questions, for questions are answers

Just had an intense debate with a 'good intention' friend of mine.

This is one serious topic of -Do what you enjoy to do.

Let me elaborate-

I'm saying, many are living years of their life doing something that they don't really believe in, or they don't really like, it's not something they view with excitement.
And they said, of course, who likes to work?

Now, that very statement is a danger sign in itself, for if you love what you do, it'll never be work to you.

But she protested, well true, many people can't do what they like, it's normal. But you can work at SOMETHING YOU DON'T REALLY LIKE (be true to yourself when you ask), earn the seed money, then go and do something you really like, she shared.

I'm like, I don't want to die and die doing something I don't feel passionate about.

I'm not a charity crazy girl, or have a rich background, so I KNOW the importance of money in our modern life. And I'm not crazy enough to go off and do something that I like, but it doesn't generate any good money!! No!

But I've tried the rationalizing to myself for years doing a biz that I kinda like, sort of, but I'm not crazy about...yeah. Rationalizing to myself that this brings potential good money, then I can bugger off to chase after my passion.
So, I ended up chasing money first. Putting $ first before my heart's desire.
Where did it get me?
Money are like butterflies, the more you chase them with a net, the more they run away.

The SCARY thing is, it seems to be the norm for the middle class masses, which is the category I'm in, to think that it's a dreamer's job to go after passion. Hey, no money no talk lar, money first. Be realistic! Nobody gets to follow their heart.

Look at almost all billionnaires, millionnaires, do you think they get to where they are by doing not what is true to their heart?
Do you think without PASSION, they can even get to base 1 of where they are now?
Without passion, do you think they want to work their ass off, harder but smarter than any middle class people work??

My apologies, I'm sorry for 'classifying' people, but as i say, at my networth, I belong to that category. But one thing for sure, my attitude and mindset are not.

I got to the clarity of thought that I have now by asking myself questions. I have to drag myself out of my denial and ask lots of questions. Seeking for answers.
Questions that I dare not asked myself, and heaven forbid, even answer. Coz deep down, I knew the answer. But, I rationalized myself to accepting my career choice.

Do you know why many people are unhappy? It's because they are not true to themselves.
If you can't even answer to your heart, will you be truly happy?

So, in this context, ask yourself these million dollar questions. Bear in mind, it's easy questions, but it's very tough coz we are conditioned to surpress our inner voice.
Give yourself a quiet time, and ask:

1. PASSION- do you enjoy what you do? (I'll bet my whole networth that loads of people will already fail at this question)

2. PROFFESIONALISM- R u good at what you do?

3. PROFITABILITY- Will people pay you for what you want to do? (See. I told you I'm not crazy, you do have to take the profit into the equation. But the order is passion first.
The business set up that fails always have a common trait- when you ask them why you want to do business? To make money lor! Wrong!)

4. PROCESSES- Are there any system for what you do? (have you set any system for it? A repeatable process)

5 PURPOSE- Do you know why you do what you do?

If you can truthfully answer the above with a tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. Congratulations! You have an optimal career/ business.
If not, then may you wonder why are you not doing as well as you wanna be?

I like this simple statement, it really works for me when life sucks, things sucks. Instead of complaining, which doesn't help, it only makes you feel worst after you complain. Remember this :

Happy people ask themselves what do they want, and how they can get it.
Unhappy people complain, and look for others to blame.


spacebaby(r) said...

I totally agree. I had similar discussions with some people before about my dilemma of finding a job that I'm passionate about. Most people would just respond - do it for the money, we don't always get to do what we want anyway.

For me, it's very important for me to be passionate about what I do, may it be work, education, hobby etc., as I will be automatically good at it and I will go on till completion or success achieved. Otherwise, the flame will die off like a matchstick in the rain. When I'm halfhearted about something, I'd rather not do it at all, for it'll only bring agony and loads of bitching later.

It's very important to earn money for survival, we all did or still doing it. Please make a mental note that, when we feel unhappy or a void inside, this might be the main reason. Using your time to earn a living while suppressing your passion to live. The longer you do it, the bigger the void becomes and the less you know what you really want or how to achieve it as the thought of foregoing that paycheck for a smaller one paralyses you. Although some will be too proud to admit; "I'm only doing this until something better comes along" is a much thought of or spoken phrase. I'm not saying that I'm not waiting for something better but the statement "I love what I do but if something better comes along, I might consider it" is a world apart. Still wonder why you're easily bored or sick of your job?
We spend most of our time awake working and traveling for work - might as well do something you enjoy.

Mellie said...

Bravo! One passionate reply. :-D