Monday, July 27, 2009

I have a new blog, see you there!

Hi hi,

I have a new blog or shall I say, I've moved to a new blog.

Instead of random rantings, I will write more on my entreprenuership journey, the ups & downs, and a glimpse into the life of a start up entreprenuer.

Hope you'll find it as entertaining as it is inspiring! :D

See you there


Sunday, June 21, 2009

1TQ Day

What a great Sunday today. As I brushed off the inch thick dust on my piano, and shiok sendiri with my tunes, a thought crossed my mind... If not for my mom who paid thousands for my piano lessons when I was a kid, sh*t, primary till secondary, I wouldn't be able to enjoy music like what I am doing now.

Sure, you can listen to them on iPods and what not, but nothing beats expressing through playing the music yourself.
I surprised myself that after ALL THESE YEARS, I finally see it, the Thank you to my mom for this gift.

With that, I'm just thinking, if we just consciously make it a habit to think of ONE thing to be thankful for each day, I'm sure we'll all be happier people.

It's darn easy to complain about the lack off, the should have, must have...what about opening your eyes to everything you have?

Make everyday a 1TQday for you :D

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Me, tiger


  • Tigers do not find worth in power or money. (really??)
  • They will be completely honest about how they feel and expect the same of you. (Yes, too honest for my own good sometimes) On the other hand, they seek approval from peers and family.
  • Generally, because of their charming personalities Tigers are well liked. (ahem)
  • Often, failing at a given task or being unproductive in his personal or professional life can cause a Tiger to experience a depression.(who won't?)
  • Tigers are also incorrigibly competitive - they simply cannot pass up a challenge, especially when honor is at stake, or they are protecting those they love.

  • Tigers are unpredictable and it would be unwise to underestimate their reactions. They may appear cool, but they have the Big Cat's instincts to pounce at a moment's warning. (be afraid)

  • Natural leaders, they have a strong sense of their own dignity, and if they find themselves in the ranks, they can be stubborn and obstinate. In positions of power they can be difficult though stimulating bosses. Tigers are intelligent, alert, and farsighted. They have their fingers on the pulse.

  • They must be aware of their slightly volatile tempers and short attention spans, and not let those characteristics get the best of them or cause them or their loved ones undue pain. (slightly??!!!)
  • The Cancerian Tiger is a romantic individual who is sensitive and tenderhearted. This character needs a loving, honest relationship to thrive. (awwwwwwwww.....)


Curious to check out your Chinese Horoscope?
I found it here

And we are live! PJ Challenge '09 Blogger's "K" arnival

"What makes you so keen to go there?" - my best gal asked me, in her articulate, gwai lo's English (though it's a text).

"For my business laR!"- I answered in my typical Phua Chu Kang english.

Though I don't really know what I was getting myself into by attending the PJ Challenge '09 Blogger's Karnival, all I know was, I want to learn more about blogging effectively. So that I can use some of the knowledge for my business. I am about to launch my new business- online 1-1 marketing agency. Yes, me a techno virgin. (You see my blog, u know laR), and yes, you don't have to be a tech expert to be awarded Mdec Technoprenuer Pre-Seed Fund RM150,000.

With my mini girlfriend in tow aka The Daugther, I plastered on my concealer (late nite laR), and head to Jaya 33.

Well, I must say, my first impression upon reaching was...huh? Apa ini? Someone was giving a speech, (reading), and I'm like, 'Who's this dude'??? My immediate thought was, does he even blog aR? (Erm, well I'm ignorant, so forgive me)

Then, it was kinda downhill slide from there, this Karnival thingy, missed the kids colouring contest lar, missed the BLOG 101 workshop lar...until BLOG 411 workshop, which is the Blogger Sharing Session, featuring celebrity bloggers (ahem!) like Amanda Choe, Ellie Chee, Niki Cheong, Josh Lim.

I'm HUNGRY for information man, gimme! Gimme!

So, why this post? Live blogging contest in Blogger's Karnival! Ya, so I'm a newbie blogger, I'm a techno virgin, my business partner uses me as test subject on our website- to see if it's idiot proof...but what the heck!

Laptops are provided (brand new, damn it), and laptops are up to be WON!

Here I am, sitting beside Glos- what, the youngest blogger in Malaysia, started age 10, now he's 11, over 100 visitors/ day. Everybody now, WOW!

But I must tell you, its tough to concentrate to blog now, while lapping up tips & insights that's happening on stage, sh*t.

More so, when Soh Hem Sem is on stage. Swoonnnn...

Being crazy about marketing myself, I was intrigued how a RM160k ad budget can increase Brylcreem's market share from 3% to around 16%. But, from what they showed, the campaign rocks!

Loads of good stuff which I'm sure a lot of bloggers will blog about soon. I was alternating between tech-notebook, and old skool-notebook with pen frantically jotting down good points.

Some notable sharing from the stage:

Kenny Sia - sometimes you get really personal on your site, and the online & real life world start confusing you.

Rames & Smashpop
I was busy typing, and missed out some parts of their sharing, but boy, did I not missed out that JUMP!

Josh Well, Josh is his typical self. Talkative, confident, and well, talking about chicks.

Two beauuuutiful chicks- Amanda, & Ellie Chee Open access..the dangers of the internet. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the picture of the pervert who flashed her in MSN!
But the most beautiful chick of all today for me is...

The Kaspersky Kid Ambassodor!! :D

I'll be back next year! Hopefully with tons of improvement on da blog.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Reminder of What Life is about

Today, I saw a posting on FaceBook of a friend- commenting her shock to learned about a friend of hers passing on...

And time and again, it reminded me (must be my age thing that mellowed me) about these:

Love all you can,
remind self to be happy, things can't be that bad, stop your broken-down-record complains,
ditch the job you hate, find the job you believe in and wake up looking forward to doing it,
eat the food (in moderation) when you want to, drink if you want...
Life on earth is only temporary, and the big guy up there never ever guarantees a ripe old age of 75 to anyone...
despite our own perceived procrastination to LIVE LIFE LATER as we think tomorrow will always come.
Count your blessings for every passing day, be thankful.

Last note: Always tell the people you love...well, that you love them,
when they leave the house, when they call, hug them more. Forgive people.

We never know when it will be the last time to do so.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Mother is Not In Today

Decided not to work today, but failed; Gah! The lure!

It's crazy, today is Momsie Day after all, a day of supposedly NO grocery shopping, NO laundry, NO work, and in my own glorious plan:
Only these pleasures are allowed, mani, pedi, massage, wine, girl-friends, chocolates cakes, and more wine.

Alas, thru nobody's fault but of my own, I have done all of the NOs above, and none of my eeeeeevil plan.

Luckily it's now 1.44pm, husband is out with daughter for lunch, I opted out, YES! YES! YES!

Later, I'm gonna prop up my feet, with a glass (ok, maybe 2...or three :p) of chilled white, and enjoy a movie I spotted (Monster- In-Law, now THAT's a movie to watch on Mom's Day) on the TV guide! TV2, I will pay you a visit after years of neglect!

Maybe I'll tinkle on the piano for a bit, another casualty of my so-called hectic modern life.

Now, all I need to do now is pray that they will have a really nice, and lonnnnnnnnng lunch, and I have a few blissful hours all by myself on a lazy Momsie Sunday afternoon...
And look forward to a big family dinner at night.

To all the Mom's out there, you have the craziest job in the world that not even a Nazi would dare to undertake, SALUTE! Enjoy YOURself tremendously today, this is our day...
Happy Mom's Day!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Traumatizing patrons since 1988.....Tastebud gone wrong

What a bad way to chase away a hangover. Lousy food. Lousy, lousy, lousy.
First bite, SALTY! Heavily laced with MSG, pungent with garlic smell. Stew yee mee = out!
My lunch buddy's Tom Yam is not any better, repeat the above, minus the garlic. Tom Yam soup koay teow = out!
Side dish- four angle beans with ikan billis. Repeat the above, plus rubbery fishy ikan bilis. Vege= out!
Both of us left, angry over wasted calories, and paying good money on bad food again.
I left with an even more pounding headache after being poisoned by a month full of MSG quota!

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The camera is drunk, not me

1st, the tummies...special Lamb Shank RM30.00, tender & juicy. Oxtail stew RM15,00, not bad- could opt for better bread though. Happily washed down with chilled beer, the first of plenty to come...Head waiter Zamri, one rare breed of enthusiatic servers who seems to enjoy his work, and delights us with his service. Nice!

Let the drinking begin, one a counting, two a counting, glug, glug, glug, yadda, yadda, yadda, buzz, buzz, buzz...

1.45am: La ti da, la, la, la. A very happy cat.
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Friday, April 24, 2009

I am tiger, hear me growwl

Pre-dinner...on the prowl...
Found luscious victim lying helplessly in a semi-transparent plastic...
No one is around....purrrr....
Fangs, er..teeth sank into heavenly cushiony thigh..mmm...slurrp..
Wait...something is not complete! heavenly 8.6% alcohol Bavaria Holland lager,
Glug, glug, glug, glug..
Ever heard of an alcoholic tiger?
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Thursday, April 23, 2009


An impromptu celebration, deep discussion, bonding, bitch session, Mars VS Venus- the whole mish mash into one late evening.

Talk about being ambitious in getting many things done all in one session. But, have no fear, wine in a Ladies Choice Mayo bucket is here!

The location: Food Foundry, Sec 17.

A what I thought BYO mecca (apart from the 'tai chows') that welcomes well...BYO, if you at least order 1 main meal, from their non MSG, non addictive kitchen.
(Non addictive? Does that mean we won't crave for their food, ever? Hmmm...they might wanna re-think THAT).

Lo and behold. 1st, we were brought a drinking glass filled with ice, after we've asked for a bucket to chill our wine. (errrr...)
After serious sign language to explain to the Burmese/Bangladeshi/I dunno what; what is a bucket...I swear I looked like a chimpanzee with both my arms waving up & down...they said they have none.

Except...drum roll please...

TA DAH! Lady's Choice Mayooooooooooo bucket! Ain't it a beauty!...

Well, whatever does the job, baby. Whatever does the job.
Oh, did I mentioned the chicken chop was pretty alright fare for RM15.00?...Ok lar.
Any reason to go back will be:
  1. BYO (but remember your own bucket)
  2. Vanilla crepe....mmmmmmm
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6 pounds of happiness

Who cares...
if one lacks diamonds in the safe deposit box,

when you can have these blings on your nails?

in a form of 6 pounds (as in UK currency) blings

Monday, April 13, 2009

Jogoya...NO Go ya!

Days of expectations...
Drooling saliva...
Disciplined fasting...(er, not)
Sacrificial beauty sleep...
Long queue ala 3rd class citizens... (is it a warning? or is the food really that good?)
Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!!
The anticipation makes it very, very tempting indeed...
Jogoya, oh Jogoya, oh Jogoya (sang Dangdut style)
Buy 2 free 1, free flowing wine & haagen Daz...
What a steal, we're gonna make our tummies filled!
1st stop sashimi & appetizers, yay, yay, yay
Surprised to see just a small variety of appetizers on the miserable trays
Chugging along to the oyster section, only to find it empty upon further inspection
It's ok, it's ok, glass of good wine will make my day
By golly, I choked, it only adds on to my dismay,
Ok, enough of the rhymes, they certainly don't deserve it.
After futile attempts to find decent food, and boy, is the place huge. There is...NONE
Tempura prawns is simply normal flour batter fried till not crispy but ala E.D. style (go figure)
Unagi is pukey sweet, lembik & fishy
Hand roll will be the curse on my 1st date, for I'll sure swear mother f****** %$#&*% trying to tear the damn seaweed apart with my teeth intact
Haagen Daz? You give love a bad name.
They really spoilt years of branding & advertising...
Luxury? Sexy? Indulgent?
Think along more of disgracefully chucking your head deep down into the ice-cream (counter?)
and trying to scrape off whatever remains in the goddamn bloody tub.
To top it off, there's complimentary roaches
(are they full of protein? are they new age food?)
scurrying around plates (We spotted 2), on the ceiling (I spotted 1)...
If we do ever publish the photos, they are so dead (The restaurant, not the roaches)
Mademoiselle got so upset for wasting good money (RM63 plus) over lousy food that
I drank a whole glass of shitty red wine to numb my senses.
All the while craving for cheap Bavarian beer sold in Brickfields!

Verdict? WORST jap buffet I ever had, absolutely without a single doubt,
scum of the earth worst.
You'll be better off spending RM63 plus on:
* 1.5 hours massage
* Mani/pedi
*2 bottles of RM30+ wine from Cold Storage
* .......fill in the blanks, you get the point.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Chasing Pavements

Should I just keep chasing pavements

Even if it leads nowhere?

Why I can still enjoy my work, though working on a FRIDAY nite

Always saves the day...or nite!
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Monday, April 6, 2009

Fotokem? Or Foto-CON?

I got my passport photo printed today. It was from an existing photo stored in CD.
Nicely laid out one piece- four pictures, so it can be printed out in 4R easily.

Surprise 1: Its is the standard in Malaysia, regardless whether you have existing photo, and don't need to do any photography, they charged you RM12.00 If you need photography, they charged RM15.00

Surprise 2: I was being told the reasons why it needs to be RM12.00 (instead of RM0.40 as per 4R printing price) its:
-because it's a passport photo. Hello?
-because I only print 1 piece. Hello?
-because it involves work to arrange the photos in fours, and to cut it.
Ah ha! But here's the part, my photos WERE already arranged in fours, ready to be printed WITHOUT any layout to be made.

So, why do they still charged me full price of RM12.00??
Just to print 1 piece of 4R, that's already being laid out nicely.

I wonder, did I missed out something? Or was I really conned?

Monday, March 16, 2009

The W.T.F. syndrome

Case study 1:
In the sequel to Loyal no more!, I have cleverly let my hairstylist know thru a 3rd party (aka the husband) that I'm not exactly loving my look at the mo.

You know what she said? It's like that one, her hair texture is fine, and last time the sides are heavily layered, so it's like that one. Like that one- means, I will look like LEGO head.

You know what she can do? She can say: Oh, why don't you ask her to drop by, let me have a look and I see what I can do.
Even though if it is really true that one has to bear with ugly hairstyles when they are growing their hair long, it doesn't kill in the name of customer service to give SOLUTIONS.

Customers when upset, like women to men, don't want your bloody lengthy explanations, they don't want your logical rationales, they want to feel HEARD, UNDERSTOOD, and they want you to tell them, OK, honey, I'll GET IT FIXED FOR YOU.

Case study 2:
Manicurist boss-
I can swear her girls did a a shoddy job on my nails (Hello, this is not my first manicure). And I ask Miss Lady boss politely (who happens to be a friend): Miss lady boss, I think my manicure are not done well this time, the colour is patchy. Is it because your manicurist is rushing for time?
WITHOUT even looking at my freaking nails, she said: Oh? That manicurist is very experienced worrr, my customers always look for her one.
That's IT. End of story.

I don't even want a refund, nor hope for a touch up (it will be a bonus seeing that I was forced to sign up the mani package from her since she is my friend). But I do hope for the decency to look into complaints or feedback.
Customers are giving you a chance when they provide feedback. To improve.
Before they bugger off to your next door competitor. Get it?

I walked off from both incidents with a surprised feeling, and loads of ???? in my head, that being in business, being in such a competitive environment, how can you let your service slipped so carelessly? What was that about??

Yesterday, I have a Eureka moment, I can now define these situations as W.T.F???!!! What The F***?

Don't ever let your customers have a W.T.F. syndrome

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Loyal no more!

I'm normally extremely loyal to my hairstylists. Over my lifetime, I had 2 long relationship with 2 hairstylists.

But recent events have been telling me I should so go and get myself a new hair stylist. My love in my current one has waned.

After a year of able to give me stylo mylo hairstyles which draws praises, she landed herself in hot soup when I wanna grow my short hair to a longer-than-short bob. (I get bored with my hairstyle easily la.)

I gave her 3 chances, THREE chances to make my hairstyle look like they so don't belong to primary school children shapeless cut, but nooo, THREE times she has failed me, THREE times!!

I've been walking around with that state of my hair for 3 months!! I've gone thru Christmas, Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day AND my wedding anniversary having less than desirable hairstyle!! ....And now, this is the last straw!

Is it a Malaysian hair stylists' curse that one have to endure months of dodgy hairstyle while growing it out???

I certainly don’t think so.

Then, can you explain why I look like a LEGO head now??!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I've been Skypified!

I know this is really backwards. But I just rediscovered Skype.

Primarily for my business. Now I can work remotely with my business partner easily, that is until the time difference comes in when she flies back to Italy or Holland. (She never stays put!)

But the JOY, oh, the mother of all joy was when I did my 1st Skype with my mom!!
We normally call each other only on Sundays, and keep the conversation short & sweet. Then, my mom got her very 1st own laptop, and her very 1st Celcom broadband, and now Skype!

So, last Sunday we tried it out, and the shriek of laughter we got when I saw her face on webcam was pure golden moment. (She has a
webcam and her outdated daughter here doesn't have one YET)

She showed off her nail art to me, the card designs she had done, her new haircut...

Brilliant how the human touch in relationships are enhance with technology.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

IQ vs EQ

Having a Masters, PHD, etc doesn't mean you will have the brain to think properly.

IQ vs EQ, which is more important? If a Mensa candidate has a very low EQ, best he/she stays behind computer screen and don't work with people.

Case for my ranting?

I have many many times proof that a graduate, corporate, supposedly educated people act worst off than many Chinaman business people out there.

Two sets of clients I have in the category above.

Where often the educated (obviously only academic) ones will be the ones who:
Don't answer calls
Don't return calls
Don't return sms
Don't reply emails.
Act as if it's ok that they ignore your attempts to contact them.
Blame, blame,blame. Reactive VS proactive
Doesn't claim own responsiblity for their own matters.

Eg: Payment due:
Notice was sent to them, followed by emails, sms reminders 1 month, then 2 weeks before due date.
They chose to ignore it.
When you called, they said, oh, now you know it's due for collection!

Say, if I happend to die unexpectly without your knowledge, and you just want to play Mr. I'm Busy, are you just going to wait for me to call from heaven for you to pay for your own damn plans?


Mr. Chinaman entreprenuer-
Just need to call and follow up, and what a surprise.
Mr Chinaman: "I've received the notice and I've sent the cheque directly to your Company, please check if you have received them. "

No academic education. But LOADS OF BRAINS, and depths to know he is in charge of his OWN matters despite having our Company customer service supporting him.

Why is there no mutual human courtesy when some academically educated people deal with their suppliers? Is a good relationship based on unjust treatment?

I shall go and meditate on that now.