Monday, April 13, 2009

Jogoya...NO Go ya!

Days of expectations...
Drooling saliva...
Disciplined fasting...(er, not)
Sacrificial beauty sleep...
Long queue ala 3rd class citizens... (is it a warning? or is the food really that good?)
Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!!
The anticipation makes it very, very tempting indeed...
Jogoya, oh Jogoya, oh Jogoya (sang Dangdut style)
Buy 2 free 1, free flowing wine & haagen Daz...
What a steal, we're gonna make our tummies filled!
1st stop sashimi & appetizers, yay, yay, yay
Surprised to see just a small variety of appetizers on the miserable trays
Chugging along to the oyster section, only to find it empty upon further inspection
It's ok, it's ok, glass of good wine will make my day
By golly, I choked, it only adds on to my dismay,
Ok, enough of the rhymes, they certainly don't deserve it.
After futile attempts to find decent food, and boy, is the place huge. There is...NONE
Tempura prawns is simply normal flour batter fried till not crispy but ala E.D. style (go figure)
Unagi is pukey sweet, lembik & fishy
Hand roll will be the curse on my 1st date, for I'll sure swear mother f****** %$#&*% trying to tear the damn seaweed apart with my teeth intact
Haagen Daz? You give love a bad name.
They really spoilt years of branding & advertising...
Luxury? Sexy? Indulgent?
Think along more of disgracefully chucking your head deep down into the ice-cream (counter?)
and trying to scrape off whatever remains in the goddamn bloody tub.
To top it off, there's complimentary roaches
(are they full of protein? are they new age food?)
scurrying around plates (We spotted 2), on the ceiling (I spotted 1)...
If we do ever publish the photos, they are so dead (The restaurant, not the roaches)
Mademoiselle got so upset for wasting good money (RM63 plus) over lousy food that
I drank a whole glass of shitty red wine to numb my senses.
All the while craving for cheap Bavarian beer sold in Brickfields!

Verdict? WORST jap buffet I ever had, absolutely without a single doubt,
scum of the earth worst.
You'll be better off spending RM63 plus on:
* 1.5 hours massage
* Mani/pedi
*2 bottles of RM30+ wine from Cold Storage
* .......fill in the blanks, you get the point.

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Darlin said...

Well, don't go don't know. Cold Soba in Robson Japan Lifestyle Restaurant certainly taste 1000times better. Yummy. Better run to grab my breakfast.

spacebaby(r) said...

yeah, definitely sucks ass

Ciki said...

lol.. cute shot.. love the post;)

Mellie said...

Ciki:Tx! Guy in photo complained why my face is blurred out, n his is not, for sure the Taiwanese tai kor owner will kill him! ;p

spacebaby(r) said...

yeah! props to the photographer - me! xD