Sunday, June 21, 2009

1TQ Day

What a great Sunday today. As I brushed off the inch thick dust on my piano, and shiok sendiri with my tunes, a thought crossed my mind... If not for my mom who paid thousands for my piano lessons when I was a kid, sh*t, primary till secondary, I wouldn't be able to enjoy music like what I am doing now.

Sure, you can listen to them on iPods and what not, but nothing beats expressing through playing the music yourself.
I surprised myself that after ALL THESE YEARS, I finally see it, the Thank you to my mom for this gift.

With that, I'm just thinking, if we just consciously make it a habit to think of ONE thing to be thankful for each day, I'm sure we'll all be happier people.

It's darn easy to complain about the lack off, the should have, must have...what about opening your eyes to everything you have?

Make everyday a 1TQday for you :D


CUMI & CIKI said...

agree! what's ur fav piece?

Mellie said...

No longer hv any fav piece, very rusty now. Now, I play easy sentimental hits, hahaha