Tuesday, January 13, 2009

IQ vs EQ

Having a Masters, PHD, etc doesn't mean you will have the brain to think properly.

IQ vs EQ, which is more important? If a Mensa candidate has a very low EQ, best he/she stays behind computer screen and don't work with people.

Case for my ranting?

I have many many times proof that a graduate, corporate, supposedly educated people act worst off than many Chinaman business people out there.

Two sets of clients I have in the category above.

Where often the educated (obviously only academic) ones will be the ones who:
Don't answer calls
Don't return calls
Don't return sms
Don't reply emails.
Act as if it's ok that they ignore your attempts to contact them.
Blame, blame,blame. Reactive VS proactive
Doesn't claim own responsiblity for their own matters.

Eg: Payment due:
Notice was sent to them, followed by emails, sms reminders 1 month, then 2 weeks before due date.
They chose to ignore it.
When you called, they said, oh, now you know it's due for collection!

Say, if I happend to die unexpectly without your knowledge, and you just want to play Mr. I'm Busy, are you just going to wait for me to call from heaven for you to pay for your own damn plans?


Mr. Chinaman entreprenuer-
Just need to call and follow up, and what a surprise.
Mr Chinaman: "I've received the notice and I've sent the cheque directly to your Company, please check if you have received them. "

No academic education. But LOADS OF BRAINS, and depths to know he is in charge of his OWN matters despite having our Company customer service supporting him.

Why is there no mutual human courtesy when some academically educated people deal with their suppliers? Is a good relationship based on unjust treatment?

I shall go and meditate on that now.