Thursday, April 23, 2009


An impromptu celebration, deep discussion, bonding, bitch session, Mars VS Venus- the whole mish mash into one late evening.

Talk about being ambitious in getting many things done all in one session. But, have no fear, wine in a Ladies Choice Mayo bucket is here!

The location: Food Foundry, Sec 17.

A what I thought BYO mecca (apart from the 'tai chows') that welcomes well...BYO, if you at least order 1 main meal, from their non MSG, non addictive kitchen.
(Non addictive? Does that mean we won't crave for their food, ever? Hmmm...they might wanna re-think THAT).

Lo and behold. 1st, we were brought a drinking glass filled with ice, after we've asked for a bucket to chill our wine. (errrr...)
After serious sign language to explain to the Burmese/Bangladeshi/I dunno what; what is a bucket...I swear I looked like a chimpanzee with both my arms waving up & down...they said they have none.

Except...drum roll please...

TA DAH! Lady's Choice Mayooooooooooo bucket! Ain't it a beauty!...

Well, whatever does the job, baby. Whatever does the job.
Oh, did I mentioned the chicken chop was pretty alright fare for RM15.00?...Ok lar.
Any reason to go back will be:
  1. BYO (but remember your own bucket)
  2. Vanilla crepe....mmmmmmm
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Darlin said...

remind me the next time we go shopping... 1st. buy ice bucket 2nd. buy wine stopper 3. buy more yummy outback chase wine..

bring lot's of cheers, laughter and the occasional giggles...

550ml jar of faith said...

Is that chicken chop? Why does it look so grilled one, no typical deep-frying involved? I suppose that's where the non-addictive comes into play, haha! Mayo ice bucket, CLASSIC!

Mellie said...

Faith: Yep, chicken chop it is. N grilled it is. Not breaded. Quite ok lar. Goes well with wine. But if its beer, gimme fried grease anytime, baby!