Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Reminder of What Life is about

Today, I saw a posting on FaceBook of a friend- commenting her shock to learned about a friend of hers passing on...

And time and again, it reminded me (must be my age thing that mellowed me) about these:

Love all you can,
remind self to be happy, things can't be that bad, stop your broken-down-record complains,
ditch the job you hate, find the job you believe in and wake up looking forward to doing it,
eat the food (in moderation) when you want to, drink if you want...
Life on earth is only temporary, and the big guy up there never ever guarantees a ripe old age of 75 to anyone...
despite our own perceived procrastination to LIVE LIFE LATER as we think tomorrow will always come.
Count your blessings for every passing day, be thankful.

Last note: Always tell the people you love...well, that you love them,
when they leave the house, when they call, hug them more. Forgive people.

We never know when it will be the last time to do so.


Ciki said...

agree 100%. have a gr8 wkd!

Mellie said...

Ciki: Tx! Hope you have a great one too filled with yummy food & lovely friends ;D