Monday, April 6, 2009

Fotokem? Or Foto-CON?

I got my passport photo printed today. It was from an existing photo stored in CD.
Nicely laid out one piece- four pictures, so it can be printed out in 4R easily.

Surprise 1: Its is the standard in Malaysia, regardless whether you have existing photo, and don't need to do any photography, they charged you RM12.00 If you need photography, they charged RM15.00

Surprise 2: I was being told the reasons why it needs to be RM12.00 (instead of RM0.40 as per 4R printing price) its:
-because it's a passport photo. Hello?
-because I only print 1 piece. Hello?
-because it involves work to arrange the photos in fours, and to cut it.
Ah ha! But here's the part, my photos WERE already arranged in fours, ready to be printed WITHOUT any layout to be made.

So, why do they still charged me full price of RM12.00??
Just to print 1 piece of 4R, that's already being laid out nicely.

I wonder, did I missed out something? Or was I really conned?


Ciki said...

awww.. poor u.. think it's too exp if you ask me..

Lens of Sam said...

Definitely conned! Let me print for you, 30 cents only. Hiak hiak hiak!

Mellie said...

Ciki: boo hoo hooooooo, my poor hard earned $
Sam: Teached me a lesson for doing things last minute, hrmph!