Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Loyal no more!

I'm normally extremely loyal to my hairstylists. Over my lifetime, I had 2 long relationship with 2 hairstylists.

But recent events have been telling me I should so go and get myself a new hair stylist. My love in my current one has waned.

After a year of able to give me stylo mylo hairstyles which draws praises, she landed herself in hot soup when I wanna grow my short hair to a longer-than-short bob. (I get bored with my hairstyle easily la.)

I gave her 3 chances, THREE chances to make my hairstyle look like they so don't belong to primary school children shapeless cut, but nooo, THREE times she has failed me, THREE times!!

I've been walking around with that state of my hair for 3 months!! I've gone thru Christmas, Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day AND my wedding anniversary having less than desirable hairstyle!! ....And now, this is the last straw!

Is it a Malaysian hair stylists' curse that one have to endure months of dodgy hairstyle while growing it out???

I certainly don’t think so.

Then, can you explain why I look like a LEGO head now??!!


spacebaby(r) said...

this one has no hair. should get a photo of lego man with hair attached. then people will feel your pain more xD

Mellie said...


CUMI & CIKI said...

so cute.. i am sure u don't look like a lego head..

Mellie said...

Ciki: Oh yes I do. Only its black, not yellow. I shud bleach it to complete the look :-{