Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I've been Skypified!

I know this is really backwards. But I just rediscovered Skype.

Primarily for my business. Now I can work remotely with my business partner easily, that is until the time difference comes in when she flies back to Italy or Holland. (She never stays put!)

But the JOY, oh, the mother of all joy was when I did my 1st Skype with my mom!!
We normally call each other only on Sundays, and keep the conversation short & sweet. Then, my mom got her very 1st own laptop, and her very 1st Celcom broadband, and now Skype!

So, last Sunday we tried it out, and the shriek of laughter we got when I saw her face on webcam was pure golden moment. (She has a
webcam and her outdated daughter here doesn't have one YET)

She showed off her nail art to me, the card designs she had done, her new haircut...

Brilliant how the human touch in relationships are enhance with technology.