Monday, March 16, 2009

The W.T.F. syndrome

Case study 1:
In the sequel to Loyal no more!, I have cleverly let my hairstylist know thru a 3rd party (aka the husband) that I'm not exactly loving my look at the mo.

You know what she said? It's like that one, her hair texture is fine, and last time the sides are heavily layered, so it's like that one. Like that one- means, I will look like LEGO head.

You know what she can do? She can say: Oh, why don't you ask her to drop by, let me have a look and I see what I can do.
Even though if it is really true that one has to bear with ugly hairstyles when they are growing their hair long, it doesn't kill in the name of customer service to give SOLUTIONS.

Customers when upset, like women to men, don't want your bloody lengthy explanations, they don't want your logical rationales, they want to feel HEARD, UNDERSTOOD, and they want you to tell them, OK, honey, I'll GET IT FIXED FOR YOU.

Case study 2:
Manicurist boss-
I can swear her girls did a a shoddy job on my nails (Hello, this is not my first manicure). And I ask Miss Lady boss politely (who happens to be a friend): Miss lady boss, I think my manicure are not done well this time, the colour is patchy. Is it because your manicurist is rushing for time?
WITHOUT even looking at my freaking nails, she said: Oh? That manicurist is very experienced worrr, my customers always look for her one.
That's IT. End of story.

I don't even want a refund, nor hope for a touch up (it will be a bonus seeing that I was forced to sign up the mani package from her since she is my friend). But I do hope for the decency to look into complaints or feedback.
Customers are giving you a chance when they provide feedback. To improve.
Before they bugger off to your next door competitor. Get it?

I walked off from both incidents with a surprised feeling, and loads of ???? in my head, that being in business, being in such a competitive environment, how can you let your service slipped so carelessly? What was that about??

Yesterday, I have a Eureka moment, I can now define these situations as W.T.F???!!! What The F***?

Don't ever let your customers have a W.T.F. syndrome